(Image credit/Pixabay/OnlineCup)AppsFlyer, a mobile attribution platform has launched Zero, a free-for-life package as part of its Zero Budget Marketing initiative. The new initiative is geared towards developers, product managers, and marketers and provides free, software tools and APIs. It aims to empower growth and leverage earned and owned media strategy.

AppsFlyer plans to enable companies of any size to utilise their owned assets and channels better. Zero includes all the tools of AppsFlyer’s complete engagement suite, all for free. This includes, OneLink deep linking technology, web-to-app & social media-to-app user journeys. The suite also includes Smart Banners, referrals & user invites, SMS & QR codes, cross-promotions, and more.

Zero budget marketing mindset

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Oren Kaniel)
Oren Kaniel, Co-Founder and CEO, AppsFlyer

“Now more than ever, companies need to operate in a ‘Zero-Budget Marketing’ mindset,” said Oren Kaniel, Co-Founder and CEO, AppsFlyer.

“COVID-19 forced all of us to rethink our marketing strategies and go back to basics. Companies need to focus on having a great product & onboarding experience and leveraging their most important assets. This includes their owned media, website, social media, and user base.

“This is the time for brands to get creative and grow their business at zero cost. We’re proud to provide product managers and app developers with our technology for free. Because the suite includes open APIs, they can use them to delight and engage with their existing and new customers.”

No upfront costs

New customers can easily create a free account, and start leveraging the Zero package within minutes. It can be done without providing payment information or an SDK integration. Part of AppsFlyer’s broad offering, Zero, includes cost-free software tools and APIs. It is expected to support every marketer, product manager and developer needs, to help improve their user experience and acquisition with no advertising budget.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

According to virtually all economists, we’re heading for hard times, a recession that will hit every part of the globe. A Gartner survey undertaken at the end of May 2020 indicates senior finance leaders plan to cut spending.

Marketing departments expect to take 11% hit on their budget this year. AppsFlyer’s new initiative will be a tempting plan in particular for SMEs. It is part of a zero budget marketing initiative, consolidating products and tools enabling developers, product managers, and marketers to uncover the potential of their core assets.

According to AppsFlyer, the goal is to give developers, product managers and marketers free solutions that will help them grow. The company will give them the tools they need to leverage their earned and owned media strategy. The offer will be tempting. For many enterprises, faced with a smaller budget and fewer resources, AppsFlyer’s products, maybe too good to ignore.


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