Smartway2 launches COVID-Safe Workplace functionality (Image credit/PIxabay/Free Photos)Smartway2 has announced the release of its COVID-Safe Workplace functionality. The solution enables organisations to implement social distancing, contact tracing and sanitation procedures, to enable a safe return to work.

Smartway2 is a next-generation technology company specialising in workplace scheduling solutions. The company takes an innovative data-driven approach to optimise workspace utilisation which in turn drives productivity and collaboration. The platform’s uniquely flexible ‘rules engine’ allows it to be rapidly configured to almost any workflow.

Forcing the pace of change

The Covid19 pandemic has forced organisations to face an unprecedented pace of change. As a result, the ability for technology to adapt to newly emerging needs on the fly, is becoming increasingly vital.

Smartway2 protects people in the workplace by automating social distancing, contact tracing and sanitation checks. When someone books a desk in Smartway2, it automatically takes all surrounding desks within a specified radius out of service. When the desk is vacated, a countdown timer will prevent anyone else booking it until it has been sanitised. This is to prevent touch contamination. Sign-off and release procedures for desks and rooms are fully automated.

To stop people sitting in a desk that is not safe, Smartway2’s digital desk displays indicate whether the workstation is available, awaiting cleaning or out of service.
If someone falls ill, Smartway2 can produce contact tracing reports that identify at-risk colleagues. It categorises their risk level depending on their likely proximity to that person.

Companies struggling with change

(Image credit/LinkedIn/John T. Anderson)
John T. Anderson, CEO at Smartway2’

According to Smartway2’s CEO, John T. Anderson: “We’re incredibly fortunate to be in such a strong position. We are helping organisations struggling to come to terms with the scope of change necessary to keep their people safe.

One of the key design principles we obsessed over when coding the product was flexibility. We wanted to be the first. The only solution that can easily be configured to cope with an immense variety of scenarios. As a result, we built a flexible rules engine. We had no idea that it would help organisations safety return to work amidst a global pandemic. That is a scenario I fully admit we did not plan for. But we are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference during these challenging times.

Founded in 2014, Smartway2 has expanded and opened corporate headquarters in the US and growing its footprint in APAC and Europe. The company is also increasing its reseller base worldwide.

Smartway2 is a cloud-based, enterprise solution that provides COVID-Safe Workplace functionality. Advanced workspace analytics and data visualisation help companies understand precisely how meeting rooms, desks and other resources are utilised. These capabilities have become increasingly important to organisations impacted by Coronavirus, as remote working becomes the new normal, and the role of the workplace undergoes a fundamental shift.

Smartway2’s ability to help organisations reduce real estate costs while improving employee experience, collaboration and productivity will benefit organisations far beyond these challenging times.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Every CEO is placing employee experience firmly at the top of their agenda. However, what will it take to deliver the sustainable workplace of the future? IT, alongside Facilities and HR, is under pressure to create a workplace that equips people with the tools, processes and environment they need to do work safely. Furthermore, in the post-Covid-19 environment, the office, retail shop and workplace must be safe and socially distanced enforced. Smartway2’s solution sounds innovative and relevant. Workplaces around the globe have started to make cautious returns back to work.

By automating resource booking procedures, Smartway2 ensures that people can only access desks, rooms, equipment and other facilities that are sanitised. It also ensures that employees work at a safe distance apart, solving the logistical challenge of protecting people in the workplace.

Smartway2’s enhanced COVID-Safe Workplace functionality could be the ideal solution to meet the current needs for our places of work.


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