SAP enhances its customer portal platform (credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)SAP has announced that its new customer portal, SAP for Me, has successfully completed its beta phase. The platform is now available with enhanced capabilities across products, systems, licenses and consumption to all customers globally.

The SAP for Me portal serves as a companion to SAP customers. It provides them with personalised access and a transparent view of their entire product portfolio.
In addition, SAP for Me is planned to become available to partners who hold sales roles, with further functions becoming available later this year. This single access point will enable digital 360-degree collaboration between third-party partners, customers and SAP.

Access Points

With SAP for Me available to all customers, SAP achieves its goal of having three primary access points to the digital experience of SAP.

  1. is the digital front door, which provides interested parties information specific to their preferences.
  2. Existing customers will use SAP for Me as their personalised customer portal.
  3. SAP Community serves as the central engagement and knowledge-sharing platform.

All three work together to provide a seamless customer experience across all types of digital interaction with SAP. This is based on a shared structure and technical foundation. An example is the SAP Universal ID technology to unify the customer experience.

A Personal Companion

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Florian Roth)
Florian Roth, Chief Information Officer, SAP

We designed SAP for Me to be a hub, where customers access a consolidated overview of SAP products and services. In addition to a digital companion, accompanying customers on their journey to the intelligent enterprise,” said Florian Roth, chief information officer, SAP.

We envision SAP for Me playing a key role in providing predictive customer assistance by proactively alerting customers. The solution provides them with relevant recommendations to ensure they are taking full advantage of their SAP solutions.

SAP for Me serves as a central repository. It provides users with a personalised view of relevant insights and interactions based on their role and interests. Users can customise the portal’s intelligent home screen to receive context-specific key metrics and alerts. The portal provides an overarching picture across a customer’s product portfolio. It aggregates into one access point all important notifications, metrics and insights, helping to speed outcomes.

Integrated, Easy and Personalised

With SAP for Me, customers are given an instant overview of alerts, metrics and insights mapped to their needs and interests. SAP for Me can provide a useful insight across all product categories (for example, systems, licenses, orders and incidents). Customers can see the number of products licensed to their company. Find available learning content and review the status of support tickets and relevant notifications.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

SAP has been positioning itself as an experience company powered by the Intelligent Enterprise. The company’s applications – machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics technologies, help turn customers business into intelligent enterprises. SAP for Me seems to make sense. Frequently information sits in different departmental silos in the enterprise. The platform connects customers with frequently used actions for faster interactions and outcomes with SAP products and services. By connecting users with the most relevant information of their SAP portfolio, SAP for Me should help customers navigate their digital transformation journey in a personalised, easy and seamless way.


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