AI Applications offerings Image credit pixabay/GeraltRimini Street has unveiled more of its secret sauce behind its innovative support operation for SAP and Oracle software. It is now leveraging AI technology to help reduce the time taken to close a call. The patent-pending Rimini Street Artificial Intelligence Support Applications has reduced software issue resolution times by 23% already.

The Global Service Delivery Innovation Team within Rimini Street works to deliver solutions that enhance the client experience. This iteration of the solution will integrate into existing support processes, and as the team add further enhancements or other solutions, it can add these as well. Currently, there are two AI Applications available: Case Assignment Advisor and C-Signal.

The initial two AI applications

The Case Assignment Advisor reviews existing information about a case using dozens of information categories and matches the case to the best engineer within Rimini Street. The categories include specific expertise required, historical case performance, language, availability, engineer caseload and time zone match. This matching seems similar to what IBM is delivering within Salesforce Service Cloud for its operations.

C-Signal is more interesting. It performs sentiment and anomaly analysis on cases, contact and client. The inference is that it can project whether an issue is causing a deeper impact than it might first appear. C-Signal then helps by proactively suggesting actions rather than awaiting an engineer or manager to get to the call. The intent is, one assumes, to avoid customer-driven escalations and improve customer experience. Again, Rimini Street is not alone on the sentiment analysis journey. Pega Systems is delivering sentiment analysis with empathic and explainable AI as Peter van der Putten,  Director of Decisioning Systems at Pegasystems explained last year.

The applications are both built on Rimini Street’s Artificial Intelligence Platform. It consists of infrastructure, tools, algorithms and data used to build, train and run the AI Applications. The applications are also always “learning” to improve the actions it recommends.

Customers already see benefits. Jay Fisher, CIO, BrandSafway commented: “Rimini Street showed us what they were doing with AI early on and how they were using this advanced platform in their daily support operations; we are now personally experiencing the benefits of this platform including faster time to resolution for our support issues. “

Driving support processes to new levels

Rimini Street already believes that it has a better support service than either Oracle or SAP. In creating these new enhancements, it hopes to deliver an even better service. For customers, this is good news. It means that resolutions are delivered faster, while disruption and costs to the business are minimized. For Rimini Street, it means that they can provide a better and more efficient service, which should help to increase the revenue margin and drive customer satisfaction.

Brian Slepko, executive vice president, Global Service Delivery, Rimini Street
Brian Slepko, executive vice president, Global Service Delivery, Rimini Street

Brian Slepko, executive vice president, Global Service Delivery, Rimini Street commented: “Our vision for Rimini Street’s AI Support Applications is to deliver an even more proactive and responsive support program that continually resets the bar for excellence in enterprise software support. Rimini Street is making the investments required to ensure optimized client outcomes globally at scale. This latest achievement from Rimini Street’s Global Service Delivery Innovation Team underscores the value of our focus on support innovation and the mission to provide clients with the right support engineering team, at the right time, in the right geography to deliver the right solution.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Rimini Street customers should welcome these two new AI Applications. There are questions around the detail of C-Signal, but no further information was available on the Rimini Street site.

While innovative, there are similar solutions in use by other vendors. Oracle offers customer sentiment analysis to assist with service levels. Its solution probably trawls through a broader data set than Rimini Street as it includes social media, web, email, phone and text. While the Oracle solution is more generic, C-Signal focuses on delivering better support to Rimini Street customers. What next from Rimini Street. These are just the first two AI Applications from the innovation team. The press release infers that there are more to come.


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