Proof of Impact launches blockchain-based platform for CSRProof of Impact has launched a blockchain platform that it claims will “revolutionise the way people fund and experience impact”. The new platform will track, verify and transact impact at the unit-level for individuals as well as businesses and other entities.

Fleur Heyns, co-founder of Proof of Impact
Fleur Heyns, co-founder of Proof of Impact

We believe the world is demanding an impact-driven culture, and that all transactions will require the verification of the impact generated,” said Fleur Heyns, co-founder of Proof of Impact.

Our value proposition is such that we track and verify the impact created, with granular-level data, as the products and/or financial returns are produced. Delivering an engaging user experience that takes the funder directly to the heart of the impact delivered gives us the potential to redefine how people experience impact.

The need

Perhaps more than ever in recent times, companies and organisations across all industries need to work towards solving some of the world’s most pressing issues. Yet, philanthropic giving, impact funding, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives need:

  • transparency and verification
  • substantiated, delivered via granular-level data.

Without these, public and institutional confidence will either not exist or be under threat of constant doubts and questioning. A blockchain platform adds credibility because of data transparency and verifiability. By tracking contributions to (say) the Sustainable Development Goals, enterprises will be able to demonstrate their social commitment.

Proof of Impact

To address the challenge, Proof of Impact has deployed its technology to transform commonly ambiguous processes into a data-driven model. This is possible through the introduction of innovative applications which feed a customisable impact dashboard.

As part of the Proof of Impact initiative, it has developed a pipeline of partnerships. It includes one led by members of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) community. It is a global network of 29,000 COOs which tracks and funds initiatives for Covid-19 relief. Additionally, there is the New York-based travel agency ROAR AFRICA. It recently built a portfolio of carbon mitigating events in the same countries as its conservation trips.

With the Proof of Impact platform business leaders can exploit its tools to:

  • make financial decisions based upon sustainable efforts
  • track and improve upon operational efficiencies
  • provide insights into verifiable social and environmental impact initiatives.
Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and Founder, ROAR AFRICA
Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and Founder, ROAR AFRICA

Proof of Impact is delivering something that has always been missing from impact investing and philanthropic giving. Their concept – verified impact from around the globe, offered through a user-friendly interface – allows our guests at ROAR AFRICA to donate to projects specifically aligned with our mission and values,” said Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and Founder, ROAR AFRICA.

The team at POI is changing the way we approach impact funding and raising the bar in a very real, trustworthy way. I’m delighted to launch POI for all of our ROAR AFRICA trips.

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

The Proof of Impact platform is about exposing and showcasing the impact of internal and external initiatives to stakeholders, employees and customers. By bringing individual events to corporate funders, it hopes to deliver a transparent, data-driven experience which enables all to see the impact of donations given.

The key Proof of Impact message is the need to tell a verifiable story. For this, it provides its interactive dashboard – to substantiate each story. The question is: will this convey, at a glance, sufficient credibility to affect social impact accountability?


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