simPRO continues to update its software regularly during the lockdown. This week it updated three main features and issued several fixes. Version 20.2.2 is available from April 20th. It continues to improve the user interface across more functionality. This week the Supplier Integration list receives a makeover. Selecting a supplier is now easier as logos are used rather than just text. There is also a section that contains previously used suppliers. Thus frequently used suppliers are quickly available to select.

There is also an improve date filter for the Unassigned stock report. This allows the user to exclude older jobs that may be obsolete. Finally, Australian users are now able to import simPRO-formatted supplier invoices from Australian electrical wholesales Myelec. This means that those who order from this supplier no longer have to manually match the column, saving considerable time.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

simPRO continues its product improvements on three key fronts. It is gradually updating its user interface to a more modern look and feel. Secondly, it is adding more automated integration to third party suppliers, easing the administrative burden for users. Finally, it is enhancing existing functionality in line with customer requests. While for many, the updates this week will not make a significant impact, for others it will significantly improve efficiency.


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