Innovation is more than just adding new features (Image Credit: Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay )Organisations like to talk about innovation and how they are spending money on R&D to create new products for their customers. Many companies, however, confuse new features to a product with real innovation. Enterprise Times met with CEO of NTT Security, Matt Gyde, in San Francisco recently to ask what innovation meant to NTT Ltd.

NTT Ltd is a company that has brought together 31 different organisations that were previously partner companies under the NTT umbrella. It has been going through the challenge of merging functions from the old companies into single functions in the new company.

Matt Gyde, Chief Executive Office for NTT Ltd’s Security Division (Image Credit: NTT Ltd)
Matt Gyde, Chief Executive Office for NTT Ltd’s Security Division

Gyde started by saying: “Innovation for us is all about the client experience so how do we make the client experience more enjoyable, more secure, but also allow our clients to move from this very reactive security posture they are in today, to a predictive security posture. That’s where the innovation piece comes in.”

One thing that Gyde sees as helping accelerate innovation is cloud security. One reason for that is the ability to deliver services. He said: “The cloud security piece allows us even wider scope to innovate and not to have a product but to have a service that we take to market that is then ingested into a managed security service which allows us to share that information across multiple client vectors.

To hear more of what Gyde had to say, listen to the podcast.

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