Unit4 has announced the formal addition of Arribatec as an official global partner for its Business World ERP solution. Headquartered in Norway, Arribatec also has operations in Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Spain and the USA. As well as the new agreement with Unit4, it also sells and delivers services around XLedger (another ERP solution), Hypergene(EPM) and 4Human (HCM).

Arribatec has worked with Unit4 for several years. It was founded in 2015 by ex Unit4 employees including Per Ronny Stav, CEO of Arribatec. Stav commented: “We’re proud to add value to more than 200 Unit4 ERP customers across 20 countries, as one of the leading providers of Unit4 ERP and related services globally. The new partnership signifies an important milestone for us, at a time when organisations are looking for great people experience and software that’s built for the way teams work today.”

The announcement is part of the partner reorganisation that Mike Ettling spoke about in a recent interview with Enterprise Times. Beata Wright, Global Head of Partner Ecosystems, Unit4 is leading that change. She commented: “We’re focused on extending our partner ecosystem to meet the demand we’re seeing for people-centric applications. Arribatec has over 100 employees focusing on Unit4 Business World with a highly experienced team of consultants with extensive experience implementing and supporting Unit4 ERP globally. Their depth of expertise combined with their international experience makes them an ideal partner.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Wright is looking to add consistency and process into the channel. This should help to drive more business for both partners and Unit4. Together, Arribatec and Unit4 are looking to strengthen their relationship in the markets they both operate in. This should enable Unit4 to sell and deliver more as they become more efficient in working together. They will look to replicate this across their partner ecosystem as Ettling aims for faster growth.


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