Cheshire Cat Image by tookapic from Pixabay In April 2020 four NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups will merge. As the units come together the work to leverage their combined data has already begun with the implementation of Qlik software by a newly created Business Intelligence board. The intention is to analyse historic and current data to help identify issues and trends in current care. With these insights the Trust can make decisions on healthcare that optimise resources for better results. Core to this strategy is the Qlik Data Analytics Platform.

Andy McGivern, Associate Director of Business Intelligence (BI) for the Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Groups and BI lead for Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership. “Our local population is increasing and the profile of health needs is changing. Better use of data and technology has the power to improve health, transforming the quality and reducing the cost of health and care services. Our work with Qlik can give people more control over their health and wellbeing, empower carers, reduce the administrative burden for care professionals and support the development of new medicines and treatments.”

The deployment supports the objectives of the NHS Long Term Plan which looks wider determinants of health as part of the Population Health and the Population Health Management Programme (PHM). This is not just leveraging medical data but also environmental data such as living conditions. The programme has already seen benefits in a number of trusts.

Qlik powering the front line on health care

This is not just about delivering insights on the combined data sets. The new BI Board will also hope to deliver recommendations to those practising healthcare at the front end. The new BI Board is also responsible for the creation of Digital Patient Registries and creating risk stratification programs. Risk Stratification separates patient populations into high and low risk categories. Identification of these populations can help organisations prioritize clinical workflow, reduce system waste and increase financial efficiency.

Dr Teresa Strefford, Executive Clinical Director, Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group. “With the CCGs across Cheshire merging in April 2020, we’ve been given an exciting opportunity to revisit best practise within a new single Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group. Implementing Qlik technology to create powerful risk stratification systems has furnished us with a powerful tool to quickly identify the patients at highest risk. We look forward to equipping GP practises across Cheshire with this new technology – through proactive care and identification of the right patients, both clinical teams and patients will see a positive impact.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Analytics loves large data sets. However, the issue of combining the whole NHS into a single entity has often led to expensive IT failures. The combination of these NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups enables the creation of a single larger but manageable organisation. The combined data set will use Qlik to make a substantial difference to the health care in Cheshire. The proof will be in the changes that Qlik highlights and the CCG executes on. Proof points for the success of PHM already exist. In Berkshire West, analytics identified that the Nepalese community was failing to take up standard offers of diabetes care. Primary care networks changed their approach and has shown improvements.

Personalised care for every patient is probably beyond the financial ability of the NHS to deliver. However, with analytics helping to power decisions, front line care can be improved where the standard offerings falls short. These subtle changes can make a significant difference on the costs of delivering healthcare. The more effective the healthcare at point of contact the less future treatment patients will require.

Sean Price, EMEA Director of Industry Solutions, Public Sector & Healthcare at Qlik Image credit Linkedin
Sean Price, EMEA Director of Industry Solutions, Public Sector & Healthcare at Qlik

Sean Price, EMEA Director of Industry Solutions, Public Sector & Healthcare at Qlik. “We are proud to be helping Cheshire health and care professionals understand population health from both a strategic and tactical level. The pressure on our healthcare system continues to increase with growing demand and risk, combined with acute resource restraints. Now, more than ever, innovative leaders need to realise that data analytics provides the key to transforming ways of working to sustain and improve the services delivered to the public.”


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