Waiting Time Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay DronaHQ has announced Automation. This allows users to schedule events within the DronaHQ environment. When coupled with Workflows it enables companies to further improve automation based on time based triggers. Fenil Jain, Engineering Lead at DronaHQ commented: “This feature is going to let app users schedule time-based daily, weekly, hourly, monthly and even yearly events from the apps. It’s a no-nonsense way to automate essential tasks that otherwise require human intervention like conditional reminders and notifications.”

DronaHQ cited the use case of compliance management. Historically DronaHQ has created triggers based upon events that users have undertaken. With the new time triggers Automation can create an event that reads the date-to-renewal/expiry every day at 6 am. This alerts the designated user if there are 15 days remaining for the renewal.

Divyesh Kharade, CEO at DronaHQ (Image credit DronaHQ)
Divyesh Kharade, CEO at DronaHQ

Accounting is also able to use these alerts for Accounts Receivable. It can trigger an alert that allows an AP clerk to investigate when a payment is not made.

Divyesh Kharade, CEO at DronaHQ commented: “We already had Workflows to automate the steps to be taken after a user interacts with the app but Automation will take it one step ahead, and putting the tools to work instead of user-induced triggers.

Extending beyond

Automation is not limited to the no-code app and database. Divyesh explains: ”You can bind APIs to integrate with your favourite apps, say, Gmail, Trello or enterprise software like Salesforce or Jira and set up events like daily reminders, automatic report generation, scheduled emails to your inbox and a whole lot more.

”There were many use cases similar to compliance management where our users were facing challenges to automate basic tasks that were time-bound rather than action-bound: Daily reminders, emails, data scanning and updates, resetting of information, managing expiry dates and so on. While looking for an effortless solution for our customers, we created Automation.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a simple yet powerful enhancement to the DronaHQ platform. What isn’t clear is how powerful the calculation engine is around the time-based triggers. The platform supports a limited number of date Excel like functions including: DATESTR(), DATEDIF(), YEAR(), DAY(), DAYS(), DAYS360() and DATEVALUE(). What will be interesting is the use cases that companies can come up with using this new feature. The solution is now generally available for current users.


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