SoverignSkySovereignSky has successfully started to upload its BEOS hybrid blockchain to its primary satellite constellation (joining SpaceChain in space). It is currently in space orbit because of a partnership with SpaceQuest – launched in December 2018 onboard Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The purpose: to enable a ‘One World, One Network’.

The project is so all-encompassing, it has taken some of the smartest, most visionary minds in blockchain, aerospace, mobile technology, and even science fiction to achieve its grand vision,” says Stan Larimer – co-founder of RUON AI, BEOS, SovereignSky, Steemit, and Bitshares.

Stan Larimer
Stan Larimer


Within a decade, ending extreme world poverty may be possible. One part of this could involve a new, encrypted Wi-Fi network which connects everyone on Earth.

A near indestructible blockchain financial system and global currency would then exist – with the attractions that it should be invulnerable to the effects of:

  • war (except, possibly, a nuclear magnetic pulse)
  • conflict
  • global catastrophe
  • cyclones
  • banking and market collapse
  • solar flares
  • meteor impacts
  • other disasters (natural or man-made).

The concept came from SovereignSky/RUON AI Founder Timothy E. Burke’s sci-fi space opera ‘Planet X’. Yet, what started as a movie premise on a hypervelocity star system far away, is becoming a reality in Earth’s own solar system with the creation of:

  • a global wi-fi network
  • the establishment of a space-based digital ‘Free World Currency.
  • an effort to redistribute the world’s wealth to the less fortunate and thereby help support the 1 billion children living in poverty.

RUON AI and SovereignSky

RUON AI (pronounced ‘Are-you-on’), with a single patent application, believes its RUON AI solution can scan news sites, blogs, forums, chat rooms and social channels to identify users endangered or affected by war, famine or oncoming natural disasters. The AI creates a database of endangered users. It sends their profiles to HNWs, companies, donors and members of the public who can instantly send electronic currency donations (via SovereignAid and RUON electronic currency) directly to the users before the danger strikes.

SovereignSky and RUON AI’s next task is to work with global charities, international agencies, UHNW, VCs, the UN and Fortune 500 companies to distribute SovereignSky’s ‘connectivity boxes’. These contain:

  • small portable modems – effectively smartphones preloaded with the RUON AI app
  • smartcards connected to digital wallets within the RUON AI app.

How it works

SovereignAid and RUON electronic currency will then be beamed from donors up to the satellite constellation and directly to places and people in need in economically developing nations and areas without banking or even wi-fi (connecting directing to the portable modems distributed in these areas):

  • the satellites connect to the modems
  • each modem connects to the phone
  • the phone’s multi-blockchain wallet connects to the smart card
  • the smart cards are capable of use at any terminal accepting Visa.

Any user holding a SovereignSky or RUON smartphone will automatically be able to receive a donation to their RUON wallet and can instantly spend the donation on clothes, water, food and medicine using the smart card. Donors can:

  • choose exactly who their donation will go to
  • know that up to 97.5% will be received directly by the village, orphanage, hospital or person in need.

The beneficiary and donor can even show and track how each donation is spent – via videos, pictures, two-way chat and even double-verification blockchain accounting technology. the result has the potential to be a transparent donation process.

Tim Burke, RUON AI founder, says, “The beneficiaries receive donations instantly and can upload photos and videos showing your money being put to good effect. People in need can personally thank donors through the RUON app, and donors can monitor exactly how their donations have been spent. All of this is made possible via blockchain technology, auditing and reporting. We feel it’s one of the most effective and trusted donation and verification processes ever created, and, today, this solution has been officially captured in one of RUON’s patent pending claims. It’s time for change. Please contact us and help support our mission.”

Tim Burke
Tim Burke


SovereignSky is a satellite constellation powering its own space-based blockchain. This blockchain is currently uploaded three times daily by SpaceQuest onto SovereignSky’s first satellites – AprizeSat-5 and THEA.

SovereignSky was co-founded by Stan Larimer (father of Dan Larimer, the creator of EOS) and film producer and science fiction writer/co-director Timothy E. Burke. Strategic partners include:

  • SpaceQuest
  • one
  • Layr
  • StealthGrid
  • Rune Wallet
  • Zapple
  • VitalCard
  • BEOS.

We are excited to work with SovereignSky on its incredible mission to help eradicate global poverty, and we are on the way to complete one of the first ever blockchain transactions in space onboard the SovereignSky satellite network,” says Dino Lorenzini, CEO of SpaceQuest.

Dino Lorenzini
Dino Lorenzini

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

SovereignSky’s whitepaper includes the World Bank’s estimates that:

  • more than 1.3B people live in extreme poverty, on less than US$1.25 per day
  • nearly half of the world’s population — >3B people — live on less than $2.50 per day (with 1B of these being children
  • eradication of extreme global poverty only requires US$130B per year. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die every day due to poverty.

The United States alone donates US$390B per annum to charity (globally it is US$800B). Such numbers indicate how feasible eradicating extreme world poverty is.

The SovereignSky concept of space-based wifi, blockchain, AI and cryptocurrency donations/payments requires some imagination, and faith. Yet, for a positive start to 2020, believing feels better than doubting.

NB: for a video on the concept see Youtube


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