Cloud storage vendor MEGA has doubled the secure storage plans for all customers. It made the announcement to help people celebrate the festive season and to keep its pricing competitive. The blog that carried the announcement noted: “For all MEGA users – whether they celebrate Hanukkah, St. Nicolas Day, Yule, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Three Kings Day, Winter Solstice, Christmas, or whatever – the festive season has arrived early.”

It believes that the changes will now make its pricing for 2TB, 60% lower than Tresorit and 21% less than SpiderOak. Business accounts remain unchanged.

The new doubled storage quotas are:

PRO LITE €4.99/month (or €49.99/year) becomes  — 400 GB
PRO I €9.99/month (or €99.99/year) becomes  — 2 TB
PRO II €19.99/month (or €199.99/year) becomes  — 8 TB
PRO III €29.99/month (or €299.99/year) becomes  — 16 TB

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

MEGA is one of many Privacy storage vendors in the marketplace. It still has to compete with the larger cloud vendors such as GCP, Azure and AWS. It is also one of the industries that sees the basic cost of storage fall regularly as storage units are falling in price. This is a challenge, both for it to differentiate and to keep up with the technology and the price points that are falling regularly. Will Tresorit and SpiderOak respond?

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