Remote backup help Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Pulseway has launched a new cloud backup service for its MSP customers. The solution leverages Unitrends Forever Cloud and its agent technology. It is embedded into both the Pulseway RMM and the Pulseway mobile application. The solution enables users to backup their files, both from workstations and servers. It is already in use by several early adopters and is generally available on 12th December.

Phil Law, Managing Director of Spicy Support. “I am extremely excited about the new Pulseway Cloud Backup launch, it’s built directly into the platform and enables me and my team to manage all of our backup needs from one unified dashboard. The UI and the experience are very seamless and the flow correlates to the IT management functionality, which saves us a lot of time and eliminates the need for multiple portals and platforms.”

Pulseway Cloud Backup (c) Pulseway 2019
Pulseway Cloud Backup

The backup environment is initially configured from the web application. Where Pulseway differentiates is how it has embedded the backup and restore solution into its mobile application. This allows MSPs to quickly react to customer requests to restore data to workstations and servers regardless of where they are currently located.

What is included?

The solution enables users to install the agent to enable the backup from each device. Backups are saved onto the Unitrends Forever Cloud, there is currently no alternative. Users are then able to check backup statuses, calculate backup health score, schedule backup jobs, and recover data for physical and virtual servers, workstations and documents.

The retention periods for backup varies between workstations and servers. Enterprise Times asked for clarification of the retention periods.

“Every time a backup runs a new version gets created and the number of versions that are kept is based on the backup retention period. It keeps the following:”

  • All backups versions from last 7 days, the user can restore can restore anything from the last seven days
  • The most recent backup from the last 4 weeks (applicable to 30day retention, in case user did not backup anything in the last 7 days)

For servers there are several additional options The breakdown given by Pulseway was:

  • The most recent backup from the last 3 months (applicable to 90 day retention, for servers only) 
  • The most recent backup from the last 12 months (applicable to 1 year retention, for servers only) 
  • The most recent backup from the X years (applicable to retention beyond one year, for servers only)

How much does it cost

Pricing for the different options varies. Marius Mihalec, Founder and CEO of Pulseway commented: “The prices vary from workstations to servers and depending on the retention period. It is priced for $10 for a workstation up to 1 Terabyte storage with a 30 day retention. In terms of Server pricing, we offer several options starting with $52 per month for 500GB with 90 day retention, $57 per month for 500GB with 1 year retention and $83 per month for 500GB of storage with infinite retention.“

Unitrends offers a number of other solutions including an Office365 backup options. Enterprise Times asked Pulseway what additional options are available. Mihalec replied: “Unitrends offers 2 products direct to cloud backup solution and appliance-based backup which offers the features that you have mentioned. It is planned to align the two products at the feature level. However, the initial release of the direct to cloud backup solution offers file and backup protection. “

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Marius Mihalec, Fouder and CEO Pulseway (Image credit Linkedin)
Marius Mihalec, Fouder and CEO Pulseway

This sees Pulseway leverage another Kaseya portfolio company, Unitrends, as it looks to grow its own functionality. There are still further enhancements that Pulseway can deliver. This includes integrating the Unitrends appliances and Office 365 integration. The mobile application integration is differentiating.

Pulseway developed this internally as Mihalec explains: “Pulseway Cloud Backup has been in the works for some time now and we are extremely proud of the end result that enables our customers to easily and securely backup their data. I am thrilled to end 2019 with the launch of Pulseway Cloud Backup. Simple, efficient and flexible –  that’s what lies at the heart of our product vision and Pulseway Cloud Backup is no exception.”


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