(Image credit/Pixabay/Free Photos)Vonage, a global business cloud communications company, has announced a strategic alliance with Grant Thornton UK LLP. The partnership aims to accelerate digital transformation of UK financial services organisations, as they seek to compete on customer experience.

Grant Thornton offers advisory services to help clients transform businesses and customer experience by combining business acumen and industry insights. As part of this consulting alliance, Grant Thornton will help Vonage accelerate its UK business performance and market leadership. Vonage will empower Grant Thornton to enable financial services organisations to drive a stronger customer experience. It expects to command greater customer loyalty by leveraging digital communications solutions.

Redefining business communications

Vonage is redefining business communications, helping enterprises use integrated unified communications, contact centre and communications APIs to create customer experiences. David Royle, Partner at Grant Thornton suggests: “Digital transformation represents one of the most significant and current opportunities in business. We aim to deliver growth and increase value across an organisation. We are well placed to initiate large-scale technology and digital transformations to help financial organisations thrive in an evolving market.”

Vonage has also aligned with Grant Thornton for its 2019 Customer Loyalty and Experience Index (CLIX). Grant Thornton’s financial services clients use this annual report as a foundation of customer strategy. The CLIX report provides insights about how the industry is performing across a range of customer-centric measures. This includes experience, loyalty, care, trust, and reputation. It also demonstrates ways in which customer experience data can be used to improve businesses’ methods of engagement. It is expected to comply with regulatory standards and new techniques to facilitate the personalisation of each customer engagement.

Strategic Alliance – ‘A shared vision’

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Mark Summerson)
Mark Summerson, Vice President Global Partners at Vonage

Mark Summerson, Vice President Global Partners at Vonage, adds: “We have a shared vision. We are looking to help organisations deliver on their agenda for growth, customer experience and maximising business performance.

By 2020, customer experience will surpass price and product as the key brand differentiator. As a result, organisations can drive the customer acquisition, retention and efficiency stats that make leading companies successful.

“The CLIX report offers insight into how customers are performing in the market against measures including loyalty, experience and sentiment. The report also examines the full scale of this challenge, with a downturn in brand perception across industries this year. The insights from this report are an excellent resource for organisations to input into business change, planning and delivery.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Vonage is a really interesting company. Initially launched in 1998, as a Voice over IP (VOIP) exchange, the company has evolved into a unified company. The company has moved many of its unified communications services to the cloud. Services that encompasses capabilities in unified communications, the contact centre space and the communications API world.

Vonage has evolved with the changing needs of customer, by helping businesses focus on what really matters. This entails keeping employees connected to each other and to their own customers and prospects in meaningful ways. It will be interesting to see how this strategic alliance with Grant Thornton UK LLP develops.

Partners, employees and suppliers in global organisations need the tools to collaborate, review and approve work output. However, more information is needed on the details of the partnership. Particularly on the how the services will be structured to support the needs of Thornton.


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