Episerver, the digital experience company, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Idio, a content personalisation and analytics platform. The acquisition significantly accelerates the analytics and personalisation roadmap for Episerver Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform. It also strategically addresses the current and future state of buying experiences and expectations. According to most analysts the latter being unmet by most organisations.

Giving customers what they want

Through real-time predictive analytics, Idio helps close the gap between what customers want and what businesses can offer. Idio predicts the interests and intent of every individual buyer. The platform automatically delivers hyper-relevant content to better engage each customer for improved business results and brand affinity.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Justin Anovick
Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer at Episerver

“At the end of the day, people realise every digital interaction is fueled by a business selling something to them. Whether the sale is via a shopping cart, service or a subscription,” said Justin Anovick, chief product officer at Episerver.

“Persuading people to act is not problematic if the business is providing something of value to them. However, most digital interactions are created for the masses and end up catering to no one.”

The promise of personalisation

Episerver plus Idio gives companies the technology they need to provide value to each individual a truly one-to-one digital experience. The promise of one-to-one personalisation is finally realised. Episerver and Idio are a seamless fit both technically and culturally. Furthermore, we are highly motivated to prove our combined value now and in years to come.”

To reduce the burden of personalisation on business users – weary of manual, rules-based personalisation engines. Idio automatically indexes, analyses and categorises unstructured content data into a structured content hub. This delivers relevant 1:1 buyer experiences across digital channels. Since Idio is middleware, Episerver customers can immediately see value from the Idio acquisition with no integration required.

Episerver’s B2B Digital Experience Report suggested 82% of B2Bs plan to use AI to personalise customer experiences in three years. The company says Episerver plus Idio can accelerate that delayed timeline.

Idio powers 1:1 digital experiences at global scale,” said Edward Barrow, CEO of Idio. “This acquisition is part of our mission to help enterprise clients serve end customers with timely, relevant and cross-channel experiences. The combined organisation makes for an exciting future for customer-centric marketers.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Episerver is one of the fastest growing and increasingly recognised brands in the marketing technology and digital commerce world. This recognition is underlined by inclusion in a number of industry analyst vehicles, including Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves. However, the company still appears to be a niche player in the eCommerce marketplace.

The company’s eco-system is impressive. However, its partner programme and development community is relatively undeveloped compared to other more established players in the market. Nor, does its growth rates compare with relatively new platform providers such as BigCommerce.

The acquisition of Idio appears to be the perfect match. Idio powers the digital buying experience of some impressive enterprise organisations. The acquisition immediately enhances Episerver’s analytics and personalisation capabilities to deliver customer-centric digital experiences.


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