The challenge of migrating customers to the cloud (Image Credit: Christina @ on Unsplash)Sam Woodcock is the Senior Director of Cloud Strategy and Enablement at iland. His job is to help customers get from their existing environments to the cloud whether that be a single cloud or multi-cloud. Woodcock recently talked with Enterprise Times about the challenges that brings and how customers are approaching the cloud.

Sam Woodcock, Senior Director of Cloud Strategy and Enablement at iland (Image Credit: iland)
Sam Woodcock, Senior Director of Cloud Strategy and Enablement at iland

One of the claims that is often made at trade shows is that if you have a virtualised environment, you can just lift and shift that into the cloud. ET asked Woodcock if that was really true ort false. Woodcock says: “A bit of both. What are the objectives you are trying to achieve with the solution.” Different clouds have different capabilities that may not fit the business.

A lot of customers lack that overall understanding of the complexity and dependency models in their environment. Woodcock laid out a list of questions that organisations need to ask themselves before embarking on a migration. Any failure to address the issues he calls out on the podcast could: “end up with a failure of the migration.”

One thing that is often overlooked in any migration project is the network. Woodcock says: “network access is key.” If you cannot move the data to the cloud, reliably and with limited latency, it’s hard to run the application in the cloud. Woodcock pointed to iland Catalyst, the tool the company developed to get a detail view of bandwidth. This is used to validate customer networks as part of the migration preparation phase.

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