(Image credit/Pixabay/Bruno Glätsch)MuleSoft, a provider of building application networks, announced it will extend Anypoint Runtime Fabric to run on Google Cloud. Google Cloud customers can manage business critical applications within their existing infrastructure, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Organisations will also be able to aggregate data in Google Cloud to drive relevant insights across previously disparate data silos.

This is done by utilising a new Google Cloud connector in Anypoint Exchange, MuleSoft’s marketplace for pre-built connectors, templates and APIs. With MuleSoft and Google Cloud, customers can unlock their data – wherever it resides – to accelerate digital transformation

Global public cloud spend to grow

According to IDC, global public cloud spending will grow to nearly $500 billion by 2023. The report suggests companies will continue to adopt more cloud platforms to meet their hyper-specialised needs. MuleSoft and Google Cloud say they provide customers with flexibility and ease of operations as they move to the cloud. The companies offer multiple cloud deployment options and a new connector.

MuleSoft is making Anypoint Runtime Fabric, a container service for multi-cloud and hybrid deployments of Mule runtimes, available on Google Cloud Platform. With Anypoint Runtime Fabric, MuleSoft gives companies increased flexibility to deploy APIs and integrations across public and private clouds. As they develop applications and products, customers will be able to use the platform and utilise Google Cloud’s global infrastructure. They will also have access to security capabilities, and core competencies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

New BigQuery connector

Additionally, a new BigQuery connector in Anypoint Exchange will help line-of-business owners combine datasets. This could range from disparate sources like Salesforce and Google Analytics, and support businesses to make informed decisions. This means line-of-business users, like marketers, can derive better real-time data insights around segmentation and personalisation by leveraging Google Cloud’s strengths and BigQuery’s advanced querying capabilities.

Data is the most valuable resource that organisations have today,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president, Google Cloud. “These new offerings from MuleSoft mean customers can make better decisions with their data by breaking down silos. They can also leverage Google Cloud’s core competencies in areas like AI, ML and cloud analytics,” Ichhpurani adds.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Mark Dao)
Mark Dao, Chief Product Officer, MuleSoft

According to Mark Dao, Chief Product Officer, MuleSoft “Organisations must evolve and adapt to new architecture trends and deployment modes. This includes new technologies and platforms including microservices, IoT, hybrid cloud and more. With Anypoint Runtime Fabric, IT can easily deploy in any environment.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Enterprises, irrespective of size of sector aim to get a complete understanding of their customers. The problem remains, that often customer data is held in silos, across a number or organisational departments. The Google BigQuery connector in Anypoint Exchange brings together data from virtually any system to build a complete customer view.

 MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform offers organisations the ability to create composite applications which connect apps, data and devices through API-led connectivity. This ‘forms’ a flexible application network. Together with Google Cloud, the platform should enable customers to unlock data through API-led connectivity. Hopefully, this development should bring the dream to their customers of a single customer viewpoint a step closer to reality.


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