How is the CTO of NTT Ltd bringing together 28 companies? (Image Credit: Arek Socha from Pixabay)Ettienne Reinicke is the CTO of NTT Ltd, the company created by the merging of 28 different NTT brands. His challenge is extreme – merge the technology and assets of all those businesses without impacting customers. It’s a daunting challlenge.

Reinicke spoke with Enterprise Times about the challenges he faces and how is dealing with them. This is a very different technology merger than many organisations face. Reinicke said: “We’ve actually brought together a set of complimentary assets that give us a complete offering.”

Ettienne Reinecke, CTO, NTT Ltd (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Ettienne Reinecke, CTO, NTT Ltd

Reinicke has been at Dimension Data for over 28 years and sees this as a benefit. He said: “I’ve actually lived and had my career in a time of all these disruptions. I’ve learnt how these things interact, the dependencies and I’ve learnt how it impacts business.” That understanding of the impact on the business is essential to NTT Ltd.

There is a significant customer benefit here as well. Reinicke will be looking at the deprecation of technologies and processes. When talking about auditing applications he said: “Across 28 companies we had 70+ instances of ServiceNow.” Reducing that footprint means cost savings and better alignment of the architecture, applications, data, processes and the business. For Reinicke, architecture is king and everything else comes from that.

All of this is good news for customers. Whatever problem they are having, Reinicke has probably solved it already. He said: “If I can package what I’ve learnt, I think people will die to get their hands on it.”

To hear what else Reinicke had to say, including what technologies he wants for the future, listen to the podcast.

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