Application tasks business Image credit pixabay/rawpixelClarizen has announced an update to its task management solution Clarizen Go. This is a minor update with a number of improvements.

Clarizen seems to have a monthly cadence of updates to Clarizen Go and this latest update builds on those from previous months.

Improvements to Task Management

Foremost is the ability to add guests into Clarizen Go Workspaces. The new role has permission to view and track task updates. They can also comment on and thereby add to discussions on tasks. However, they are unable to create or edit tasks. One important thing to note is that they cannot leave the Workspace, only an administrator can do this. This enables teams to add users outside the organization into Clarizen Go tasks. The inference is that this does not need a full license from Clarizen to achieve this.

Additionally, Clarizen Go now supports the ability to assign tasks to someone who is not yet a member of a Workspace from within the task. It is now possible to invite new members to the Workspace directly from the task, saving considerable time for administrators. Task management is also enhanced with the ability to create new Milestones and Epic directly from within the task. This allows the administrator to not only assign a task but also set objectives for individuals outside the original team.

There are some new formatting features within conversations. Users can add bold, italic and hyperlinks to conversations


Users can now filter notifications by several criteria. These include:

  • your tasks,
  • incoming tasks,
  • mentions in discussions,
  • reminders.

Each is a toggle switch and it is also possible to activate notifications for all items.

For users working in multiple Workspaces it is now easier to navigate between different Workspaces and Boards. Breadcrumbs within search highlights recent activities so that users can quickly return to Workspaces they were in recently.

Other improvements

The press release notes two other improvements, though ET could not locate the release notes for these to get further details.

  • Work the way you prefer: Clarizen Go supports multiple methods of working, whether that’s Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban. Sprint planning and tracking helps users make iterative progress towards a well-defined goal. It’s even possible to combine both Kanban and Scrum in one project or product.
  • Quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks: Summary views identify potential bottlenecks in advance. This enables rebalancing of the workload across team members to ensure milestones and deadlines are met.
Yoav Boaz, Vice President Products, Clarizen
Yoav Boaz, Vice President Products, Clarizen

Yoav Boaz, Vice President Products, Clarizen commented: “Clarizen Go strikes the perfect balance between teams who want to adopt agile methods and portfolio managers who seek the visibility they need to ensure that teams are focused on business priorities and on making progress against corporate timelines.

“Whether a company employs traditional plan-based project management, an agile model, or something in between, Clarizen’s hybrid approach allows teams to use Clarizen One and Clarizen Go to work the way they want, and gives managers access to unified reporting across all projects in their portfolio.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Clarizen Go works well as an extension to Clarizen One, its project management solution. It delivers the granularity for tasks that those actually doing the work can find useful. The addition of guests to tasks is especially useful as it means that stakeholders can be better informed through a project life-cycle or at critical moments. One use case for this is where there are dependencies for future tasks that involve other teams.


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