Percona Live AmsterdamAt Percona Live, Enterprise Times talked with Matt Yonkovit, Chief Experience Officer, Percona about their latest survey. It has thrown up some interesting results not least the extraordinary numbers of database instances some customers are running. Yonkovit believes that this is being driven by the move to containerisation with organisations deploying databases to support each of their microservices.

Matt Yonkovit, Chief Experience Officer, Percona
Matt Yonkovit, Chief Experience Officer, Percona

This brings its own challenge with management and complexity in the enterprise space. Managing and coordinating thousands of databases is a non-trivial problem. There is also a security concern with this number of instances. Database breaches are a common problem and securing this number of database instances is a significant issue that DBAs need to deal with.

Another surprising stat was the way that organisations are using multi-cloud. Not only are they running large numbers of database instances, they are doing so across multiple cloud platforms. Yonkovit’s believes that this is an extension of their concern about vendor lock-in by cloud vendors. That concern seems to also be impacting the take-up of the cloud vendors own DBaaS offerings.

Yonkivit also talked about the challenge that smaller companies face when it comes to contributing to open source.

To hear what else Yonkovit had to say, listen to the podcast.

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