kitty - Image credit: Cherry1985 /pixabay.comThere is feature in Excel that is very much overlooked by many. It is the humble hide and unhide feature. This can be easy to apply and then very useful to use in many circumstances. I have talked previously about filtering and Freeze Panes which are similar in some ways to hiding, but sometimes we just need the simple hide to achieve the result we need quickly.

Here is an example of a document with quite a few columns of data and even more rows. Sample doc

In this exercise we do not require to see columns A, G, H, and K.

How to hide one column.

  • Right mouse click on the heading of column A.

This list appears. right click list

The penultimate choice is “Hide”.

  • Select it.

The column A is no longer visible. A hidden

How to hide more than one column

There are times that we need more than one column to be hidden and they are not next to each other. It could be quite arduous to do them one by one. Here are the steps to take to hide them at the same time.

  • Select the first column (G) with a left mouse click.
  • Hold the CTRL Key down. Do not let go until you have selected all the columns you require.
  • Select all the other columns that are needed each with a left mouse click.
  • Right mouse click on any of the selected column names. Not in the data but at the top of the column.
  • From the list select Hide.

The result will look like this. more hidden

You can just about see that there are two vertical lines between the column names at the top of the sheet where columns are hidden.

How to Unhide a column.

If all you require is one of the hidden columns to be revealed.

  • Highlight the two columns either side of the one that is hidden. By selecting the names at the top.
  • Right mouse click and select from the list Unhide.

How to unhide ALL hidden Columns

You may find yourself looking at a document that looks rather small until you notice that quite a few columns are missing. If you require to reveal all of them then follow these next steps.

  • Select the entire sheet, by clicking on the Arrow button at the top left most of the sheet. Left of the Column A and above the row 1.

Select sheet tool

  • Right mouse click on any of the column names.
  • From the list select Unhide.

You have successfully unhidden all the columns in this sheet.

How to hide and unhide rows

In exactly the same way as we have hidden and unhidden columns you can do the same with rows.

Tips – How to use filtering in MS Excel effectively.



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