process Image by <a href="">Gerd Altmann</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>EleVia has released version 6.5 of its Electronic Invoicing (EI) software. This software is an add-in that enhances the invoicing of both Deltek Vision and Deltek Vantagepoint. It improves an organisations ability to manage, track, review and approve invoices in a paperless workflow process. With this release EleVia has brought the functionality for Deltek Vantagepoint in line with that of Deltek Vision.

The latest release includes several other functional improvements including:

Parellel Approvals

This allows multiple approvers to be allocated to a single invoice. This ensures that in the case where an individual is unavailable a second approver can be setup to approve the invoice without any delay. This ensures that the invoice is sent in a timely way and helps to improve time to pay and improve cash flow.

New Storage options

Elevia has added the ability to store files using Filestream database storage (like Vision Files Database / TDM) and Cloud Storage, initially AWS S3. It intends to deliver further storage options as requested by customers. This change increases security and enables both concurrent access to files, used for parallel approvals. It also means that workers are able to access files even when not connected to the corporate network.

Grid enhancements

EleVia has also added a “Quick Load” button. It enables users, those raising bills, to pull in predefined columnar data rather than the full data set. This results in a faster invoicing process for users as they only see the data that they need to. This is a useful enhancement for experienced users who have determined what is required to invoice within their company.

EleVia has also added a new icon specifically for EI and has improved the information available about the current release in use. It has also improved the visibility of percent complete. Percent complete by category is now supported in the EI grid, within Vision. The release notes make no mention of whether this is also the case for Vantagepoint though.

Ron Noden, Executive Vice President of EleVia Software (Image credit Linkedin)
Ron Noden, Executive Vice President of EleVia Software

Ron Noden, Executive Vice President of EleVia Software commented: “EleVia is excited to extend our capabilities thereby helping Electronic Invoicing clients improve cash flow. We continue to listen to our clients and prioritize the most impactful new features, which improve processes and efficiency. This latest version of Electronic Invoicing also includes all the great features our clients have come to rely upon.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

EleVia provides several add-on solutions for Deltek Vision ERP and Deltek Vantage Point ERP. As a subsidiary of CCG (Central Consulting Group) the company has a deep experience of Deltek solutions. This latest release sees enhancements that larger AEC firms will welcome. The parallel invoice functionality will be especially useful for those organisations where individual approvers are not always available.

Strangely, EleVia does not appear on the Deltek Marketplace. Does this mean that it only sells the software through CCG?


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