(Image credit/Pixabay/TheDigitalArtist)Social selling platform iAmLife gives influencers and creators a single resource to promote themselves, their products and their videos. iAmLife announced the launch of their platform of the same name, developed to be the next stepping stone in social media’s evolution. The platform was designed to help merchants of all sizes quickly create an eCommerce store. It integrates the interactivity of social media with the ability to sell products online.

The platform gives users the ability to promote their stores to various social networks through ‘Power Post.’ It monetize their following, enabling users to sell multiple products. Either their own or through affiliates – that their followers will love, all in one place.

Combining eCommerce and social media

(Image credit/LinkedIn/James Conlin)
James Conlin, CEO of iAmLife

According to says James Conlin, CEO of iAmLife , “We created iAmLife to combine both eCommerce and social media. We aim to provide users with an easy-to-use, one stop platform to create, promote and run their own eCommerce stores.”

Conlin added, “Our aim was to remove barriers and make selling more accessible to the 99 percent. Smaller brands, micro-influencers and those starting out who don’t qualify for eCommerce sites – filling a void in the market.”

Power Post

Power Post enables iAmLife users to promote products and messaging from the platform to their followers on various social networks. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, linking back directly to a certain product or their entire online store. If a seller uses the affiliate system, they are able to turn their connections and followers into customers. Selling products from other brands or manufacturers, and taking a percentage of the sale for themselves.

We were looking for a platform that would allow us to sell our products,” said Taylor Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Static Climbing. “We had looked into Shopify, but it was just too expensive and found iAmLife to be a good alternative.

Finding a new marketplace

These smaller suppliers and sellers are scrambling to find new marketplaces to sell their products. iAmLife is here to enable them to do just that,” says Conlin. “It takes less than five minutes to sign up. Within a short time sellers have an operational online store. In addition they will have social media channel which they can further promote themselves to exterior channels through ‘Power Post‘.

Unlike more complex platforms, iAmLife can enable a seller to be up and running with an online store in minutes. Yet users don’t sacrifice features for convenience. iAmLife’s eCommerce ecosystem is also supported by a payment system, built to benefit all users. A distributed payment gateway calculates the payments and percentages at the time of transaction. Payments are split immediately, with each going directly to the recipients at the time of settlement. For sellers, this means there is no need to wait for commission payouts which are delivered instantly.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

In May 2019, Amazon stopped orders from thousands of suppliers with no explanation. Panic arose – until the orders quietly resumed weeks later. Amazon suggested the pause was part of a campaign to stamp out counterfeit products. However, many analysts have suggested that sooner or later, Amazon will end its relationship with many of its small sellers. iAmLife couldn’t come at a better time. The company plans to help brands easily create online stores. Furthermore, it makes sense to integrate eCommerce with social media to help brands, influencers alike monetize their social media followings. The soaring valuation of Shopify demonstrates the massive market potential for companies that empower small brands to sell online.


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