How one CISO solved his talent problemIt’s hard getting hold of talented individuals in cyber security unless you have limitless funds. Even then, you don’t always get what you pay for. To counter this, there is a slow, but growing realisation, that businesses need to do more and stop chasing the same small pool of people.

How does a CISO set out to attract, train and retain cyber security teams? Enterprise Times spoke to Mark Walmsley, CISO, Freshfields, Bruckhaus, Deringer. Walmsley has been in role for six years and in that time has introduced a number of programmes to attract new talent.

Mark Walmsley, CISO, Freshfields, Bruckhaus, Deringer
Mark Walmsley, CISO, Freshfields, Bruckhaus, Deringer

Walmsley believes that starting early is the only way to do this. He said: “We’ve got to invest in the next generation who understand technology and are starting to crack technology. We need to show there is a way and a career out there, it is very diverse and show them there is a way to get into it and focus the ambitions of those individuals and skill sets.”

It is not just the next generation. Walmsley believes that the focus on who to employ is wrong. Freshfields are looking across multiple disciplines to bring people in. It is about diversity of skills and diversity of thought. People bring different things to the role and that helps counter the often too narrow focus on many.

In addition to this, Walmsley is a firm believer in training and promotion from within. It is something he actively encourages yet it is rarely seen elsewhere. The approach also puts a different perspective on reports that employers struggle to find people with the right digital skills. Perhaps they should send people to Walmsley to get pointers.

To hear more of what Walmsley had to say listen to the podcast.

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