Knot Pipe, - Image credit Pixabay/bilderjetAct-On, the marketing Automation software has delivered an integration to Pipeliner CRM software. It will allow the integration of data between the Marketing Automation solution and the CRM solution.

The news comes as Act-On also announced that it has significantly increased its retention rate over the last year, though it declined to announce the actual percentage. It is an indication that Act-On is investing in more partnerships as well as features to deliver better value to users.

Native integration with Pipeliner CRM

The integration is between Act-On a leader in the G2 Grid for Marketing Automation and Pipeliner, a high performer in the G2 Grid for CRM. This integrated the process between Marketing and Sales.


Following correspondence from Pipeliner CrM,  they have issued a clarification about the latest update:

“The Act-On/Pipeliner integration is a native integration that we built for Pipeliner CRM Cloud which is our newer (released Sept 2018) and our premier offering.

Our previous version was a Hybrid online/offline CRM system and the integration between that and Act-On was indeed through SyncApps. This current one with the Pipeliner CRM Cloud is actually native.”

While the press release labels the integration as a native integration it is actually provided by Cazoomi SyncApps. SyncApps is an IPaaS solution that enables applications integrate data in a bidirectional way. That data can include all contact data, leads as well as customer fields.

Kate Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at Act-On Software, Inc. (Image credit Linkedin
Kate Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at Act-On Software, Inc.

This enables businesses to sync all data between the two solutions. It will also support the configuration of workflows, though it is unclear whether these are triggered by changes in data. The integration, removes the necessity of manual processes between Sales and marketing. Kate Johnson, CEO of Act-On commented: “This new native integration is a great example of the flexibility we’re proud to provide to our customers. It’s critical to establish partnerships with companies that have aligned philosophies around ease of use, leveraging AI, quick implementation, and integration choices–which is why we’re thrilled to extend this native integration to our Pipeliner CRM customers. This seamless connection and their complementing AI capabilities empower sales and marketing teams to drive higher quality leads with the fastest possible time-to-value.”

Stronger together

An integration that brings together these two solutions that make sense. The disconnect between Sales and Marketing is still an issue in many companies. In combination it ensures that the technology will bring synergy between the two teams and increase efficiency. Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner commented: “We are delighted to have this native integration with Act-On, which is a huge benefit to our current and future mutual customers. Being able to bring sales force automation and marketing automation together in such an elegant way is a win-win for both sets of users.”

Pipelines CRM adds visual relationship features

Another area that will also benefit is the new visual mapping feature than Pipeliner has announced. The addition of contacts within the Act-On marketing automation solution will now be visible within Pipeliner CRM. The new feature enables users to visually display the connections between individuals within their organisation and the target company. The new feature enables users to:

  • Build a Relation Graph for a Contact
  • Map out their connections & who is influencing them
  • Assign roles to their contacts (e.g. business partners, friends, colleagues)
  • Visually see where contacts are located as part of the visual display
  • Easily move, add, change contact relations as needed

Kimla commented: “There is no doubt that Sales is becoming more complicated due to the ever-expanding networks that prospects and clients are part of. The key to overcoming these challenges is to carefully map out the relationships your contacts and accounts have and then assess what their level of influence or relationship is. Then you can label them according to that level of influence. To make this easy to do, we built these new visual Contact and Account mapping capabilities into Pipeliner CRM. Now together with the existing visual Buying Center and Org Chart salespeople can, for the first time in any CRM, build out a true visual landscape of their deals.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Both Act-On and Pipeliner complete in crowded sectors of the market. In combination it will hope that each can attract customers from each other. This is not however an exclusive relationship and both solutions have numerous integrations. Act-On includes integrations to Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Salesforce and SugarCRM as well as Pipeliner. Will more be added over time? The potential for the Pipeliner CRM integration is that the companies may complement one another better. Neither of the two companies are significantly larger than the other. The two may therefore deliver a joint go to market strategy that could work for both, although there is no indication that this will happen yet. Whether there is any joint marketing and a closer relationship in time will be interesting to see. However, the use of an iPaaS between the two solutions might indicate that they are not that close.

One thing is unclear from the website is whether the integration carries an additional charge for customers of the two companies. A question has been asked of Act-On and the article will be updated with their response.


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