Pandle has announced the addition of balance checks for Paypal users for its accounting solution. This adds to the existing balance checks for Stripe and Bank Feeds. The feature ensures that the balance on the Paypal account matches that held within Pandle.

If the balance is not in sync then the user will receive an alert to say that it doesn’t match. That alert also includes a note of when the balances did match, enabling the user to start a more targeted investigation on the discrepancy.

If the balances don’t match, the system provides a warning triangle on the Pandle bank balance entry. The user is able to hover over the symbol and more information will appear in a pop up window.

To enable the feature users will need to re-certify their Paypal feed, re-entering their PayPal details and confirm that they wish to re-establish the feed. Once activated it will take 2-3 working days for all transactions to appear on the account

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a simple but effective update that enables users to identify when values mismatch with financial systems external to their Pandle bookeeping solution. Importantly users will quickly understand how to use this intuitive and useful feature.



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