(c) 2016 Ian MurphyWorkbooks has renewed its listing certification on the most recent iteration of the UK digital marketplace, under the G-Cloud 11 framework. Slightly oddly Workbooks has two listings on the Digital Marketplace, though they are both similar in nature. The first has pricing starting at £552, per license per year ( equivalent of £46 pupm). The second entry lists pricing at between £252 to £672 per license per year. This second is the more accurate entry it seems as the full pricing document reveals four categories :

  • CRM : Price £252 – Full CRM Functionality.
  • CRM Pro : Price £396. Full CRM Functionality.The contract management module and several extensions as standard
  • Business: Price £552: Full CRM Functionality. Includes order processing, invoicing and credit notes
  • Business Pro : Price £672: Full CRM Functionality. Includes order processing, invoicing and credit notes. The contract management module and several extensions as standard

Workbooks has been listed on G-Cloud since 2012. To date though it appears to have had no success through the Framework itself as it is not listed on the Digital Marketplace Sales information. It is, however, a growing company recently recruiting Alex Bradley as customer success manager as it expands its sales team.

The listing does bring success though

It has had public sector success at Oxford City Council. In 2013 Ian Bourton, Business Support Manager for Oxford City Council, commented: “We were impressed by the Workbooks system. Finding a solution that had an intuitive user interface and was easy to use was important to us as we wanted our users to be able to quickly start using the system and gain value from it. It is also comforting that Workbooks holds all of our data in secure UK only data centres. Their G-Cloud accreditation also impressed us.”

The Digital Marketplace Sales site shows three purchases by Oxford City Council none of which are by Workbooks. This demonstrates that while the G-Cloud listing is important it is not always the way in which government bodies purchase solutions.

John Cheney, CEO Workbooks (Image credit Linkedin)
John Cheney, CEO Workbooks

John Cheney, CEO Workbooks commented: “G-Cloud certification allows public sector organisations to be confident that Workbooks is a trusted and secure organisation which has been pre-approved by the government and we look forward to providing government bodies with our platform which extends beyond traditional CRM to include order management, event management and many other features to help increase productivity and streamline processes.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Workbooks continues to grow. Enterprise Times spoke to John Cheney earlier this year about the ambitions for growth. This latest announcement will help its growth in the UK but it is in the US that Cheney hopes for even greater future growth.

What this shows is the importance of being listed on G-Cloud and for that to happens needs some effort. What Workbooks will hope is that the listing converts into potential sales. Without it however the chances of winning UK government business seem much slimmer.


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