Syufy Enterprises has selected Infor Talent Science to improve its recruitment processes and enable better performance from its teams. Syufy Enterprises is a Marin base entertainment and leisure company that owns a variety of businesses including VillaSport, Tomatina restaurants and Range Cafe at Peacock Gap Golf Club.

Initially it will deploy the Infor talent Science solution for its VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa division. This will enable it to hire employees best suited to work within the team of 1,700 employees. It will measure the success through a reduction in turnover and better quality of employees. This should also help with career progression within the organisation.

Christi Damasco, senior vice president, Human Resources, Syufy Enterprises commented: “Infor will be able to help our hiring managers maintain consistency throughout the hiring process at our clubs and will allow us to build more reliable hiring benchmarks, which will in turn help us better reach and support our customer base. Infor’s modern technology platform will allow us to lean on data to make more-informed hiring decisions, build teams with lower attrition rate, and confidently staff the very best people to represent our growing brand.”

Infor will establish a “top performer” profile for each position. Talent Science can then measure candidates against during an assessment phase. This will help to remove bias and establish the best candidates to put forward to the next stage. The challenge is huge. VillaSport is currently advertising more than 100 positions. Once employed, Infor talent Science will continue to deliver insights to management to assist with personalized intelligent development plans.

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Infor Talent Science continues to win new customers for Infor. As it prepares to launch its next generation HCM at Inforum later this year, it may just be the foot in the door that will help it cross sell that new product as well. Talent Science also works with other HCM products. However, as a complete cloud-based solution Infor should be able to make a stronger case for its wider HCM offering.


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