Cyber security gulf grows between business and ITNTT Security has released its fifth annual Risk:Value report. The report focused on people outside of the IT function in order to understand how the business viewed cyber security. The results should send a sharp message to the C-Suite. While the IT function believes it has control over the problem, the business is far less convinced. In fact, the business believes that progress has come to a complete stop.

There are particular issues over security, incident response and compliance. In the case of the latter, only 30% of business users believe that GDPR applies to them. This is a surprise given that 80% believe that compliance, despite its impact on the business, is important. One of the problems is that businesses are taking on solutions that tick the compliance box. The problem with this is that those solutions are not integrated and do not really promote compliance at all.

To get a better understanding of the report, Enterprise Times went to Frankfurt to talk to Kai Grunwitz, Senior Vice President, EMEA, NTT Security about the results. We talked through the issues above and, importantly, where companies should start when reading the Risk:Value 2019 report.

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