Youth jump image credit pixabay/JillWellingtonUnit4 will roll out its latest generation of ERP at two major subsidiaries within the Midroc Group. Both Midroc Automation and Midroc Electro have selected the people centric Unit4  Business World ERP  to support more than 2,000 employees.

A spokesperson for Midroc commented: “Unit4 understands our markets and industry and builds software specifically for organisations that are people led like ours. We needed a core system that would enable us to consolidate our enterprise apps in a Microsoft environment, so we can support our people with simple access to data that shapes their decisions. We believe Business World on Unit4’s People Platform will help us to optimise project outcomes, reduce costs and empower our people through a modern cloud solution they like to use.”

Midroc Group companies have a history of selecting Unit4 software. In September 2015 MIDROC Gold Mine PLC successfully complete a 2-3 year project with Business World. With the improvements that Unit4 has made to its implementation processes both these should be shorter projects.

Midroc Group is a conglomerate owned by Sheik Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi. It has operations in Europe, the Middle Easy and Africa. There are more than 50,000 employees and a turnover of $25 billion. In Europe it is mainly based in Sweden and has 4,000 employees with a turnover of SEK 8.1 billion ($0.85 billion).

Midroc Automation is a professional services firm working across several manufacturing verticals. It helps its customers to manufacture the right product at the right time, with the right quality. Midroc Electro is one of the largest electrical engineering companies in Sweden it has around 2000 employees.

People centric ERP for professional services

That both subsidiaries are professional service organisations is relevant. Unit4 is pitching its ERP solution as people centric and no organisations are more so than professional services firms. Mike Ettling, Unit4 CEO commented: “We believe, to develop truly engaged employees, the focus on ‘people experience’ must be incorporated throughout the business at an operational level.

“ERP designed specifically for people-led organisations changes the game because it offers everything required to meet people’s needs to work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively, so they have what they need to deliver their best work. It brings together performance management and daily operations making tasks faster and less labor-intensive, creating a better experience for people and their customers.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Both companies with deploy the ERP solution in the cloud. Whether they will also consider extending the relationship with Unit4 and adopt its PSA solution is not known. Unit4 needs to first completed the deployment quickly and successfully. Then it can look to extend its footprint both with additional software and to other members of the group.

This is a good win for Unit4 that is more often seen winning business in the public sector. A successful implementation and case study should give it the ability to compete more effectively in the market. With two strong customer advocates the success could help it extend beyond the Midroc Group, both in Sweden and elsewhere.



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