DXL Men's Apparel store located in Natick, MA. JCarnellDXLG [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]Destination XL Group (DXLG) is to continue its digital transformation project with Infor software. The industry leader in men’s big and tall apparel has selected the Infor solutions to deliver further growth. This is part of an ongoing digital transformation project. In 2017 it completed a migration project with the help of Tenzing moving its Oracle ATG Commerce platform to AWS.

DXLG has decided to invest in several Infor products to further improve its retail operations. The applications includes several from the Infor Customer experience suite:

The Infor solutions may be replacing those of DynamicAction and Monetate that it previously used. It may also replace the Aptos cloud CRM that DXLG are using. In combination the Infor products deliver a marketing and customer engagement platform that should enable DXLG to get much closer to its clients.

Jim Davey, CMO of Destination XL Group commented: “With Infor’s end-to-end customer engagement solutions, we can understand our customers better, produce rich and deep customer profiles and drive incredibly smart segmentation to connect and engage with our customers in a more meaningful and targeted way.”

Three Deep key to the engagement

DXLG also selected Three Deep Marketing to work with it on the project. Three Deep Marketing are a presumably new Infor alliance partner. They are neither listed on the Infor partner listings, nor do they have a reference to being an Infor partner on their website yet. They have a reference to being a Salesforce partner and infer there are others but there is no mention of Infor on the site. Though they do list several other partnerships such as IBM Marketing and Google.

Despite this absence it seems as though Three Deep Marketing have implemented other Infor solutions. Dave Woodbeck, CEO, Three Deep said: “Three Deep has had tremendous success bringing customers live on Infor software. Expanding our partnership with this most recent engagement speaks to the strength of our relationship with Infor and the commitment we have to retail customers by providing innovative solutions that address their digital transformation needs to improve the consumer experience.”

Multi-channel landscape

Like many other retailers DXLG operate across many channels. It has 225 outlets in North America, most in the United States. It carries more than 40,000 SKU’s across more than 2,000 private label and name brands in five retail brands:

Rochester Clothing also has an outlet in London, UK. It sells through its online stores. However, customer engagement today starts before a consumer gets to a website or enters a store. For DXLG with a clearly defined market segment the earlier it can engage in the customer journey the better.

Corey Tollefson is SVP & GM at Infor Retail (Image credit/LinkedIn/Corey Tollefson)
Corey Tollefson is SVP & GM at Infor Retail

Corey Tollefson, senior vice president and group manager, Infor commented: “The challenge for today’s retailers is to understand what offers will resonate with consumers, determine when they want to be engaged and identify which channel to target because the customer is always influenced, always browsing and always shopping.

“Working with our team of retail experts, DXLG will be able to address these challenges and drive their strategy using Infor’s “Everywhere Consumer’ strategy powered by their customer engagement solutions to ensure the right message is delivered at the right time and through the right channel.”

Beyond channel

As customers engage it is also no longer about a single sale but about retention. This is where the new partnership with Infor Loyalty, powered by CrowdTwist comes in. Infor Loyalty enables retailers to continue the engagement processes and improve customer loyalty over time. This is one of the first successes of the relationship that has been published since the partnership was announced, it is unlikely to be the last.

Tollefson continued: “All retailers want satisfied and loyal customers, but that challenge is greater than ever. The Infor ‘Everywhere Consumer’ strategy enables retailers to be predictive, connected, and agile with their customer engagement, so they can offer consistent, relevant and thrilling offers, insights and experiences. With advanced customer analytics, Infor Retail can help retailers engage their customers in a thoughtful way.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

That Infor won this deal rather than DXLG extending their relationship with Oracle is notable. Tollefson has built a strong offering that can compete but is also complimentary to both Oracle and SAP retail solutions. Though normally it seems that Infor wins on traditionally Oracle sites in retail especially.

DXL are also continuing their move to a cloud first company. The migration to AWS with its Oracle commerce solution and the choice of Cloudsuite solutions indicates that they took. The project has not yet commenced, but in a few months Infor should have an interesting case study. DXLG have had retail analytics in place for some time. They will therefore have accurate benchmarks and should be able to show the difference that the Infor solution has made.


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