(Image credit/Pixabay/{Pexels)Mobify, a Front-end as a Service innovator, and Amplience, a supplier in cloud-based content management for commerce, have joined forces. The two companies have formed a partnership to help businesses combine immersive front-end experiences with modern, headless, API-first content management.

The two companies will host a June 12 webinar, “Adopting a Headless Front-end: Challenges, Trade-offs and Benefits.” The event plans to help ecommerce, marketing and IT professionals understand the pros and cons of using a decoupled front-end.  The webinar will also explore the differences between building from scratch vs. buying a solution.

New way to build user experiences

Last month, Mobify launched it’s Front-end as a Service offering. The service provides a new way to build, test, run and evolve fast, immersive front-end experiences.

Mobify says its front-end is suitable for businesses moving to a “headless” architecture. The enterprise front-end separates the customer-facing experience from backend systems. According to the company this unlocks agility, future-proofs customer experience investments, and activates the value of backend systems.

As a decoupled front-end, the Front-end as a Service supports API-driven front-end experiences such as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for mobile, tablet and desktop. It also supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and native apps, along with future touchpoints like voice, chat, and augmented and virtual reality. Pairing Mobify’s approach to delivering front-end experiences with Amplience’s API-first headless CMS solution separates the content from the presentation. According to both companies this enables higher content reuse, dynamic rendering and personalisation across sites, apps, voice interfaces, in-store displays.

Headless has gone mainstream

Headless has gone mainstream,” said Rob Walter, Amplience Vice President of Marketing. “More and more businesses are looking to take advantage of what an API-first content, commerce, and marketing solution can do for their customer experience.

Whether replatforming, re-designing websites, or planning to go headless, many organisations are looking to pull together their digital experiences using platforms in a more agile, decoupled front-end and better way to deliver targeted experiences faster.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Drew Lau)
Drew Lau, Mobify Vice President of Product

According to Drew Lau, Mobify Vice President of Product, “With this partnership and webinar we hope to show how Mobify and Amplience are unlocking the headless ecosystem. To show that businesses can have the best of both worlds. Their best-in-class content and front-end experiences solutions, without having to build from scratch or maintain duplicate code.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Whether replatforming, re-designing websites, or planning to go headless, many organisations are looking to pull together their digital experiences. As a result, businesses are using platforms like Mobify as a more agile, decoupled front-end way to deliver targeted experiences.

Amplience and Mobify are driving the new generation of headless architectures. Both companies share a common goal to deliver best-in-class digital customer experiences across every touchpoint in a customer journey. At the same time, both are committed to ensuring experiences can be delivered, experimented with and continually improved faster. So forming this partnership makes perfect strategic sense for both organisations.

Businesses can join Mobify’s Lau and Amplience’s Brooke on Wed., June 12, 2019 at 12pm EDT/5pm BST, for “Adopting a Headless Front-End” at http://bit.ly/2JZwtpx.


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