PolySwarm aims to revolutionise bug huntingAt Black Hat Europe, Enterprise Times talked to Ben Schmidt, CSO, PolySwarm and Adrian Escude, CMO, PolySwarm. PolySwarm were at Black Hat to show off their new platform for bug hunting. Their goal, as outlined by Ben Schmidt, CSO, PolySwarm, is to: “Remake the market that currently exists for analysing malware.” This is being done through its own platform.

The goal is to allow organisations from an enterprise to a security vendor to outsource the investigation of suspicious files. The idea is likely to have broad appeal. It draws on the lack of skills in the market and the need everyone has for more researchers. It also provides an opportunity for collective examination of files which should speed up the validation and increase the accuracy.

Ben Schmidt, CSO, PolySwarm
Ben Schmidt, CSO, PolySwarm

What makes this interesting is that the platform will do a lot of its work in an automated fashion. Schmidt says that PolySwarm is looking to get researchers to write lots of little scanning engines that encapsulate that researchers domain knowledge into micro engines. This does not mean that every micro engine will analyse every piece of code. The researchers look at the stream of requests and select those that they believe they can analyse. They then report back what they found and get rewarded for that.

By rewarded, what Schmidt means is that they get paid in PolySwarm’s own crypto coin. How much currency that will have downstream has yet to be established.

To understand more about how the PolySwarm market works, what the coins are used for and the opportunities that Schmidt and Escude say this

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