MSPs are the key to helping SMEs become more secureMichael George, CEO, Continuum was in the UK recently at the company’s user conference. While he was here, he talked to Enterprise Times about the challenges that small and mid-sized business face when it comes to cyber security. Continuum only sells through the channel rather than direct to enterprises. It has seen a significant increase in demand for its products over the last three years from managed services providers (MSPs).

Michael George, CEO, Continuum
Michael George, CEO, Continuum

One of the challenges for SMEs when it comes to security is knowledge and understanding. George believes that the understanding of the security threat is increasing. SMEs have either had an incident or are just one or two degrees away from one and know someone who has been affected. However, he also thinks that SMEs should not be trying to do this themselves. They’ve always relied on technical partners for IT support and an MSP should be their route where security is concerned.

During the podcast we also talked about the recent report that Continuum has published. One of the statistics that George calls out is that: “93% of small business said that they would consider a new MSP if that MSP offered the right cyber security solution.”

Small business owners want to know what their risk profile is. That is what MSPs have to look at when they are pitching for new business. They want to be properly educated at a business level risk not have deep technology conversations.

The podcast also looks at the relationship between the MSP and the end customer and what is required to make it effective for everyone.

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