Coffee cup image credit PIxabay/qimonoEpicor has announced that Australian manufacturer Flavourtech has selected Epicor ERP as its first serious ERP solution. Founded in 1987, Flavourtech manufactures equipment that facilitates aroma recovery, extraction, and evaporation, for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Its flagship product Spinning Cone Column (SCC) has enjoyed great success. It is used in the recovery of aroma and the removal of alcohol to produce low and zero alcohol wines. Its ability to extract aromas at low temperature drew interest from the coffee industry as well. It is now used in more than 60 countries

It manufactures the equipment at its factory in Griffith, New South Wales. Flavourtech has a presence in several European, Asian and Americans locations and an office in the UK. It exports 90% of its products and a has 40% growth rate over the last two years. That growth and complexity meant its manual processes and mix of spreadsheets and systems were no longer sufficient.

A need for greater systems integration

  Paul Smith, Finance and Administration Manager, Flavourtech

Paul Smith, Finance and Administration Manager, Flavourtech

Paul Smith, Finance and Administration Manager, Flavourtech commented: “With no system integration or visibility of real-time operational data, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage our manufacturing schedules precisely—and this was impacting our ability to deliver good customer service.”

As it opened up new markets the lack of access back to the core systems was an issue. Sales executives and management needed access to information when abroad that the legacy solutions could not provide. It needed the ability to automate key operational processes, improve the scheduling of manufacturing projects, and deliver information at the right time to the right people.

Smith continue: “The time was right for Flavourtech to invest in a modern and scalable solution that could easily flex with our business needs. We’re confident that Epicor ERP will deliver all the efficiencies and capabilities we require. As a unique business, it was important to us that Epicor ERP met our needs ‘out-of-the-box’ without excessive customisations that could complicate upgrades. The modular nature of Epicor ERP also means the system can grow with us as we expand into new markets in the future.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Greg O'Loan, Regional Vice President, ANZ, at Epicor Software (Image credit Linkedin)
Greg O’Loan, Regional Vice President at Epicor Software

Epicor now has a modern cloud solution to meet the requirements of todays market of multinational manufacturers. Greg O’Loan, regional vice president, ANZ, Epicor Software commented: “Flavourtech is an exciting Australian success story that has plans for more rapid growth in the future. Epicor is excited to provide a platform to help facilitate this growth, and we look forward to working in partnership and helping Flavourtech achieve its targets.”

As O’Loan indicates, winning the business might be the easy part, Epicor now needs to delivery on the implementation. This is not just a simple migration to a new solution. It is  a complete business transformation as Flavourtech look to reimagine their processes.



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