Ivanti has announced a new cloud optimized management platform that contains Ivanti Service Manager and Ivanti Asset Manager. The combination of ITSM and ITAM makes sense. Ivanti highlights several advantages of the combination to IT departments.

  • Free up IT service desks with engaging user self-service
  • Automate routine tasks, across IT silos, to save more IT staff time
  • Reduce hardware failures with full lifecycle management
  • Optimise license spend, reducing non-compliance and reclaiming unused software
  • Leverage approval workflows for requests, updates and changes
  • Defend software audits at any time

Ian Aitchison, senior product director at Ivanti commented: “With the increasing demands placed on today’s IT organisations, it’s critical to deliver core IT and business services faster, while optimising the performance and cost of existing IT assets, By integrating our IT service and IT asset management technology into a single, unified cloud platform, we are giving IT teams the total solution they need to gain operational efficiency while optimising costs. Now IT has the power and insight that links to device purchase data and refresh cycles so they can see all their options to increase customer satisfaction and productivity.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Is this a new product, or service wrap launched by Ivanti? It doesn’t appear so, merely an integration of their two products on the Ivanti Cloud platform. That, in itself, has advantages but it does not appear that Ivanti has combined its two solutions and is offering them at a reduced cost. While Ivanti Cloud appears to offer both ITSM and ITAM solutions, both products are separately listed on the Ivanti site. The “optimizing costs” indicated by Aitchison are likely from the benefits gained by IT teams when combining ITAM and ITSM rather than any price point change.


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