SuiteWorld 19 (c) S BrooksEnterprise Times discussed Oracle NetSuite Social Impact with David Geilhufe, Senior Technology & Social Impact Leader at NetSuite. Geilhufe has worked at NetSuite for nearly twelve years and was brought in by Evan Goldberg to head up, its social impact program and non-profit division.

He reveals how it started with Evan Goldberg getting a job as treasurer of the parent teacher association. A lots has changed in the intervening period as Geilhufe commented: ”Here we are, 1300 organisations, 6 years worth of Hackathons helping organisations and we just do a lot to help charities and social enterprises throughout the world.”

(c) 2018 David Geilhufe, Senior Technology & Social Impact Leader at Oracle NetSuite (Image credit Twitter)
David Geilhufe, Senior Technology & Social Impact Leader at Oracle NetSuite (Image credit Twitter)

We spoke about the hackathon and how this years non-profits came to participate in the event. It was not the only non-profit that benefitted from SuiteWorld with American Cancer also present at the wider event. NetSuite is also launching Buildathons around the globe that solve real world issues on NetSuite for organisations. The Hackathons requires more blue sky thinking to come up with innovative approaches to solving a problem for the organisations.

He talks about the partnership with NetHope and how he believes Oracle NetSuite may help that organisation support its member organisations through Hackathons and Buildathons.

Help Non-Profit organisations grow

What stands out about the NetSuite Social Impact is that it also contains the Non-profit vertical that Geilhufe also heads up. Geilhufe shares how it has combined both the social program and a profitable business unit. He argues that having this approach makes it more sustainable and allows it to actually to more good in the non profit sector.

Geilhufe added: “The last thirty years of technology is littered with giving away things for free. There were some great programs that gave things away for free and they never had their intended impact.”

He explains why this doesn’t work and his preferred approach to the issue. The non-profit solution that NetSuite offers does have a pricing that first small and large organisations but demonstrates the value.

SuiteWorld also hosted its first non-profit track with a mix of sessions that Geilhufe talks through. It demonstrates that NetSuite not only delivers the software but is also providing additional resources to help non-profits as they grow. SuiteSuccess is a core component of helping non-profits and Geilhufe shares how it can help those organisations.

To hear more of what Geilhufe had to say listen to the podcast.

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