(Image credit/Pixabay/Free-Photos)French restaurant group, Courtepaille Group has selected Infor’s predictive recruitment solution Infor Talent Science. The company plans to use the tool to help reduce significantly the turnover rate of its waiters and restaurant managers.

Founded in 1961, Courtepaille is a chain of restaurants in France. Today, Courtepaille represents a network of 290 restaurants in France that employs more than 4,000 people. Since 2015, the company has been recognised each year as one of the best quality service brands and as the best employers in the field of restaurants.

Desperately seeking staff

With a yearly turnover rate of nearly 60%, Courtepaille faces a pressing recruitment problem. Most notably related to the difficulty of finding motivated candidates to join the catering sector (for non-professionals). As a result, there is significant number of vacant posts each year. Currently, the company seeks more than 1,000 new candidates to be recruited for approximately 1,500 existing posts.

(Image Credit/LinkedIn/Erwan Jalinier
Erwan Jalinier, HR director, Courtepaille Group

Erwan Jalinier, HR director, Courtepaille Group, says: “While our industry is facing a chronic labour shortage, market expectations are constantly evolving towards a global customer experience, which is becoming more and more demanding. In this context, the difficulty of finding new candidates has become business-critical. For these reasons, we decided to open our recruitment campaigns to inexperienced profiles, including those outside the catering sector.  We are convinced that the versatility of our organisation, as well as our family business culture, are attractive and fundamental characteristics, that can allow us to train and develop new talent.”

To be able to accelerate and improve the process of candidate selection, Courtepaille opted for Infor Talent Science, a solution recognised worldwide for its relevance and proven results in the hospitality and catering industry.

A reference target profile

At first, the solution will be deployed as an entry key, based on a questionnaire that will be submitted by each candidate. The questionnaire will identify whether the candidate has the necessary characteristics and motivation required to succeed as a waiter or a manager in the restaurant.

For the network of 290 restaurants, Infor’s tool will enable their managers to rely on tangible data to make better decisions. This should help both the recruitment process and internal career evolution of individuals. The goal is to improve the relevance of candidate interviews, streamline the diversity of the recruited profiles. It should also propose more effective training and integration courses.

After an implementation phase during the second quarter of this year, the solution should be deployed in the summer of 2019.

Erwan Jalinier concludes: “Courtepaille is a historic brand, dear to the hearts of the French people. It is constantly evolving in order to best meet its customers’ expectations. Individuals are at the heart of this transformation. Therefore, with Infor Talent Science, we will be able to prioritise the personality and diversity of our new collaborators’ profiles. Furthermore, this will not limit ourselves to candidates with a specific hospitality background. We hope to significantly reduce the turnover rate of our restaurants’ waiters and managers. We want to help the most talented of them develop their careers in our many establishments.”

Infor Talent Science is a predictive talent recruitment SaaS solution that helps identify the best candidates for each position. The software is based on a broad spectrum of performance and behavioral data.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

The Courtepaille Group have adopted a modern solution to an age-old problem in recruitment. Retaining, managing, motivating and promoting talented staff. The company is confident that the new solution will help improve attrition rate, training processes and integration of new staff. This is the role technology could and should be playing to support businesses.

Occasionally, IT professionals get excited about an emerging technology and become too focused on the specifications of the kit.  The focus shifts to the platform, application or tool, as opposed to the business challenge that created the technical need.

Hopefully, this was not the case with Courtepaille Group. They have taken an innovative approach, predictive recruitment, for a problem that haunts all businesses, irrespective of size, industry or sector.


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