hands Image credit PIxabay/unclelktKeyedIn has announced a new global channel partner program called PartnerUp. The program is targeted at channel partners looking to Support KeyedIn’s project and portfolio management (PPM) software. That solution is targeted at project management offices and professional services organisations.

Organisations will fall into one of three levels of partner:

  • Collaboration partners can refer or introduce KeyedIn to customers.
  • Joint partners work with KeyedIn on new opportunities, and will help through the sale, design implementation.
  • Full partners work independently of KeyedIn to sell, design and implement KeyedIn solutions.

The program has four benefits:

  • Marketing Tools: to help partners comarket KeyedIn solutions.
  • Deal registration: A portal that enables partners to quickly register deals they are working on.
  • Sales Tools: Sales enablement content to help partners through the selling process
  • Training & Support. This includes basic sales training through to full training for an implementation consultant. It also enables individuals to receive certification.

As part of the launch KeyedIn has announced 13 inaugural partners. Seven of them are based in the US: Antler Consulting), Armanino, Consero, IPM, Landfall Solutions,  LBMC Technology Solutions and LevelNext. None of them seem to mention KeyedIn on their websites yet though.

Joe Sacchetti, Vice President of Global Partners for KeyedIn (Image credit Linkedin)
Joe Sacchetti, Vice President of Global Partners for KeyedIn

LevelNext is moving to the cloud solution provided by KeyedIn as an alternative the Method123 and MPMM desktop products they currently sell.

Joe Sacchetti, Vice President of Global Partners for KeyedIn. “With just one-click, our partners now have easy access to all of the materials, training and certifications they need to successfully sell and implement our PPM solutions. We greatly value our partners and plan to rapidly expand this network worldwide and ensure we are arming them with the tools they need to succeed.

New partners in EMEA

In EMEA it named Arlande, a Dutch consultancy as a partner. It also added Tenstep in EMEA without naming which of the Tenstep franchises has joined Partnerup.

In the UK, new startup SIMCO Enterprise Software Solutions (SESS) is partnering with both KeyedIn and Priority Software. It’s founder Russel Simonette commenting in a Facebook post said: “We bring to market their range of enterprise solutions, particularly, but not exclusively, targeted to matured and maturing Small to Medium Enterprises / Businesses [SMEs/SMBs]. Both are market leaders in their area of expertise, and are well established in the industry, which means they compete well with the more popular offerings, i.e. they are functionally rich, and at a better price point. “

In Ireland it welcome Aspira and The Project Foundry.

There is one other partner, New Zealand-based Montage who has joined PartnerUp.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

None of the currently listed partners on the KeyedIn website appear in this list. It appears that it has attracted a wide range of partners into its ecosystem. Some of them are substantial organisations such as Armanino, where others are startups such as SESS.

However, that it has attracted so many is interesting and it will now need to turn opportunities into sales. Few of the partner sites mention KeyedIn. That will surely change over the next few weeks.


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