Pernod Ricard has announced the completion of the latest stage of its implementation of Workday HCM. It has 19,000 employees across all 86 subsidiaries. They are all now able to access the corporate HR solution. The implementation project was initiated a year ago but six months ago Pernod Ricard branded its HR transformation TransfoHRm.

That initiative aims to bring convivialité into its working practices though three initiatives supported by digital technologies.

  • Putting the employee experience at the heart of HR activities.
  • Deploying diverse teams to improve both individual and collective performance.
  • Introducing a culture of success based on autonomy and empowerment.

Workday has helped Pernod Ricard through this process. It has enabled the standardisation of the HR procedures across the globe and provided mobile access to HR functionality. This includes self service access to their personal information, reviews, remuneration, training, mobility projects and teams.

Cédric Ramat, EVP, Human Resources, Sustainability & Responsibility at Pernod Ricard, commented, “Workday is more comprehensive, simpler and faster, putting the employee back at the heart of Human Resources management, and will enable us to improve efficiency. This project is in line with our HR transformation programme launched six months ago and whose aim is to make our culture – primarily one of “convivialité” – a performance accelerator”.

This is just part of a more extensive three year project that will see the company improve its HR landscape over the coming weeks.

Enterprise Times

That this announcement came from Pernod Ricard rather than Workday is significant. For a customer to announce the completion of a technology roll out is unusual.

For Pernod Ricard though it is an indication of the importance that a modern HR solution can have as it looks to retain and recruit top talent across the globe. This sends a strong signal to potential employees that talent development and a career path is not just recruitment PR but embedded in the culture of the firm.  It clearly feels that in implementing Workday it is delivering a competitive advantage in the Talent war.

Pernod Ricard continues Cloud transformation with Workday


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