Longview has announced the appointment of Mark Hatton as CEO. Hatton actually joined the performance management, tax reporting and analytics software company back in October 2018. Hatton was almost certainly brought in by Marlin Equity Partners which acquired the company in 2014. He took over the role from Jerry Dolinsky, who remains as chairman of the board and is also an operating partner with Marlin Equity.

Dolinsky had assumed the role of CEO after John Power left the company in December 2017. Dolinsky commented: “Since joining the Longview team in October 2018, Mark has been instrumental in developing Longview’s strategic vision and execution of initiatives focused on accelerating growth, innovation, customer success, and profitability in our target markets.”

Hatton is making the transition from the security sector to financial software. He was previously CEO of Core Security and was also president of North America for Sophos. He recently served as an affiliate to Provide Equity Partners and will therefore have a good understanding of what Marlin expects. The appointment comes off the back of a successful 2018 though the company did not release actual growth figures.

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Under Hatton’s leadership, Longview is likely to make a bigger noise in the market. Recent acquisitions of Adaptive Insights and Host Analytics show that this is a buoyant market. It is a competitive one though and Longview needs to better demonstrate success. Another competitor, Vena Solutions recently raised $115 in funding.

Will Hatton look for further investment from Marlin? Does he have funding to boost growth? Hatton himself commented: “What draws me to Longview is the incredible team that they already have in place. The team at Longview has shown tremendous resilience and capability over the past years, a team which I believe is poised for even greater growth.”

It will be interesting to see whether that growth is organic, boosted through an acquisition strategy or further investment.

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