Rajarshi Gupta on AI and cybersecurityRajarshi Gupta, Head of AI, Avast sat down with Enterprise Times to talk about AI and cyber security. Over the last three years, the use of AI in cyber security has been an increasingly hot topic. Every new company that enters the market touts its AI as the best and most effective. Existing vendors, especially those in the enterprise space, are deploying AI to reinforce their existing security solutions.

With so many vendors focused on AI, the question that has to be asked is “how effective is it?” There has been no reduction in the number of breaches and incidents despite the focus on AI. It seemed a good place to start when talking with Gupta. He explained that part of the challenge was not just having enough data to train an AI but the need for diverse data.

Rajarshi Gupta, Head of AI, Avast
Rajarshi Gupta, Head of AI, Avast

This is where many new entrants into the market are challenged. They can train an AI on small sets of data but is it enough? How do they teach the AI to detect the difference between a real attack and false positive. Gupta talked about this and how Avast is dealing with the problem.

During the podcast, Gupta also touched on the challenge of ethics for AI and how we deal with privacy. He also talked about IoT and what AI can deliver to help spot attacks against those devices. This is especially important for Avast who are to launch a new range of devices for the home security market this year.

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