eZCom has announced two new Lingo connectors on the Amazon Marketplace. It has added connectors for NetSuite and QuickBooks on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore. This enables sellers to automate the integration between NetSuite or QuickBooks and the Amazon store.

Lingo already provides an EDI connector for NetSuite to a wide variety of applications. It includes ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. EDI platforms such as Bed Bath & Beyond and The Home Depot as well as marketplaces such as ebay, Walmart Marketplace and now Amazon Seller central.

The new connector for both QuickBooks and NetSuite is bidirectional. It enables shipment tracking information held within NetSuite to pass through to Amazon. It can synchronize inventory and automatically create invoices, shipping labels (including Prime labels) either singly or in batches.

Carol Weidner, CEO of eZCom Software: “We’re hyper-focused on creating efficiency in order management, and we know busy Amazon merchants will find real value in this app.

“Offering great solutions for multi-channel selling is fueling our growth and meeting the needs of Amazon sellers with these connectors for NetSuite and QuickBooks is another example of our efforts to make order processing as efficient as possible.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

For Amazon sellers there is often a disconnect between their accounting solution and the marketplace. In offering this connector it allows sellers to reduce the likelihood of manual errors and increase the efficiency of their operations. What isn’t clear is the pricing structure of Lingo, either within the press release or on its site. There appears to be a set up fee and a monthly subscription charge as a minimum.

There are several other connectors for Amazon and other marketplaces available, both for QuickBooks and NetSuite. Surprisingly Lingo does not appear on either list yet.


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