Epicor has announced the addition of Technology Coast Partners (TCP) as its latest partner for Mexico, Central and South America. TCP is based in Miami but helps businesses across the US and Latin America. It has a presence in the US, Mexico and Peru. It partners with PAC Software, another Epicor partner in Argentina, Chile and Brazil, and has other relationships in both Equador and Columbia.

Latin America continues its economic rise with the Mexican GDP the second highest in Latin America. It also has a manufacturing sector that is forecast to grow a further 2.0% by 2020 (Source Trading Economics). This growth has created an increasing demand for ERP. Mexico is also a cloud friendly market with companies rapidly adopting cloud solutions in recent years.

TCP is led by Gonzalo F. Núñez, President and CEO, and Ivan Rebolledo Kanter, partner who together bring more than 45 years of experience of deploying Epicor solutions. They intend to both resell and offer business and managed services across Latin America. This is an important market for Epicor and one that it has a lead on some rivals in.

Antonio Lopez, vice president for Latin America, Epicor commented: “Our growth strategy in Latin America is to leverage the channel for increased exposure and new business opportunities. The TCP team has a wealth of experience to draw from to accompany businesses throughout the ERP lifecycle and help manufacturers in the region become more profitable and grow through easy-to-use solutions that best fit their needs.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

It seems as though Epicor is turning its consulting relationships into full partners. In some ways this is a smart move. If Epicor can support the various consultancies around the globe that it has relationships with into full partners, it immediately helps it to increase its selling footprint.

What isn’t clear is what TCP gains in terms of sales and marketing dollars from this new level of relationship. However, if TCP can turn opportunities into sales, either of net new customers or migrating manufacturers to the Epicor Cloud, then it should get further support from Epicor.

Steve Murphy CEO Epicor, talks candidly



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