SD Worx has announced a new partnership with HR technology startup with intuo. The Belgian company offers a technology platform that engages with employee to help improve company culture. It achieves this with five key features within its software.

  1. Check in conversations: The ability to support frequent 1;1 conversations that keep track of an employee progress and enable management to engage with employees on a continuous basis.
  2. Agile Objectives: the platform enables companies to set flexible goals suitable at both the employee and organisational level.
  3. Engagement Pulses: The ability to survey staff using short and frequent surveys is a tried and testing means of surfacing issues rapidly to senior management.
  4. 360 degree feedback: Assessment should no longer be one way. In flatter hierarchies and even traditionally structured ones the opportunity for constructive feedback from colleagues and juniors on performance is important.
  5. Learning Management: intuo supports both the creation of and distribution of courses. This includes certification. Courses created are also SCORM enabled.

SDWorx will now offer the intuo platform to clients as part of its overall solution. The agreement will see SDWorx become a reseller and implementation partner of intuo. Larger clients will be deferred to intuo, at least until SDWorx builds up its practice. intuo will continue to provide technical support for its product.

Gilles Mattelin, intuo’s co-founder commented: “Today’s organisations have to innovate and need fundamentally new solutions to be successful. So we’re delighted with the partnership with SD Worx. Our combined forces will ensure a stronger position in Belgium and support further international expansion.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

SDWorx has a found a technology partner that fills in a gap within its own solution. For intuo this enables the company to expand faster outside of Belgium. If this relationship works for both companies SD Worx may look to acquire the smaller Belgian company. It could be an expensive acquisition. Intuo last raised funds in 2016 and seems to have grown successfully if organically since then. SDWorx could help propel that growth faster in 2019.


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