Oracle has announced that the MINA Group has implemented its technology across its portfolio. Based in San Francisco and founded by Chef Michael Mina the group manages more than 30 dining concepts. One unique example is in Hawaii at The Street Food Hall. This bring together ten different chef stations each offering a unique offering. The challenge for MINA was that it needed a solution that would treat each station as a separate business unit.

MINA Group already uses Oracle technology at several other establishments in its portfolio. It selected the Oracle Food and Beverage Simphony restaurant management platform and Oracle MICROS 600 series point-of-sale devices. The software enables each unit to run as a separate business and delivers the ability to consolidate the accounts for the whole venue.

Patric Yumul, president MINA Group commented: “As operators, we’ve had the opportunity to work with several different POS systems where we weren’t able to be as omnipresent as we’d like to be in order to have an intimate knowledge of what was going in our restaurants. The choice was clear to go with Oracle Simphony Cloud because of their reliability, data, and ability to see how the entire operation is doing and how our marketing efforts are working.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The strength of the Oracle Food and Beverage offering is in its durability, flexibility and scalability. The hardware is capable of surviving the rigorous use encountered in the restaurant industry. The Oracle software is also able to cope with the different offerings that the Mina Group has, from quick service food to fine dining to private dining.

Oracle will need to continue to evolve to match the evolving restaurant market. Mina Group is already helping Oracle with that as it is an innovative organisation that introduces new dining experiences that Oracle must adapt to.



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