MRP has announced the integration of its AI powered customer acquisition software with Oracle Eloqua, part of Oracle Marketing Cloud. The integration enables customers to trigger email marketing campaigns in Eloqua from their MRP instance. The integration also enables the bidirectional flow of information between Oracle Marketing Cloud and MRP Prelytix. Organisations using an Account Based Marketing approach can now collate, understand and act on the information collated by both solutions.

MRP Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Jim Regan. Commented: “One of the greatest opportunities in ABM today is to integrate the data and messaging of marketing’s most valuable communication channel, email marketing. This news is critical for B2B marketers who want to drive and measure revenue impact through truly personalized, triggered and consistent messaging from their ABM program.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

The Prelytix AI Engine is powered by MX technology and is able to sense “billions of B2B buying signals”. The integration with Eloqua will enable marketing teams to send appropriate email campaigns at the right time to the right person. Pierre Custeau, Vice President of Product Management Eloqua at Oracle commented: “While email remains an indispensable tool for B2B marketers, it’s frequently disconnected from their account-based marketing strategy. This collaboration connects Oracle’s leading email marketing capabilities to new and growing data that sales and marketing teams use to approach target accounts.”

ABM is becoming increasingly popular in Marketing. However, the multitude of marketing apps makes the challenge of selecting the right one hard for CMO’s. In partnering with Oracle marketing Cloud MRP may just have pushed its case high than some competitors.

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