generic modern furniture image credit pixabay/newhouseNetSuite has announced the success that MYCS has had following its selection, implementation and use of NetSuite. The company was only founded in Berlin, Germany in May 2014. It is a rapidly growing start-up that provides customisable furniture to both the consumer and business markets.

MYCS launched its online configurator platform in mid 2015 and turned over €5 million in its first year. To support that rapid growth the company looked for an ERP solution that would support and match its ambitions.

It selected NetSuite in preference to Microsoft Navision and a SAP solution. With the assistance of NetSuite partner Alta Via Consulting GmbH it implemented the solution without an internal IT resource. As a cloud-based ERP system this has enabled the company to keep its IT operational costs low. It now supports more than 130 users and is integrated across the whole business. It only employed its first dedicated IT resource for NetSuite in 2017.

Nico Gronwald, Operations Manager & ERP Product Owner, MYCS commented: “We wanted professional process management that could scale and grow the business and facilitate expansion into other countries. NetSuite provides us with the means to control processes remotely. I am master of my own system. Even for users without any IT knowledge, NetSuite offers simple administration.”

Integral, integrated and scalable

One of the advantages of NetSuite is that it was straightforward to integrate with the configurator platform. Data flows from the MYCS solution and is passed NetSuite. Within the ERP system it supports the lead-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes. Additionally, relevant data is passed to a new NetSuite Suitelet assembly app. This assists the selection of components in the warehouse and their shipping to the customer site for assembly.

Since its founding MYCS has grown. It now has offices in Germany, Austria, France, UK and Switzerland with a logistics centre in Poland. NetSuite has assisted in that growth. It supports the internationalisation such as local regulations, currency, language and reporting. Georg Walther, Lead Engineer & Head of Business Systems, MYCS commented: “NetSuite ensures maximum scalability with all business processes—from small startups to multinational groups.”

MYCS has plans to continue that growth. It appears to believe that it is secure in the knowledge that no matter which country they will expand to next NetSuite will support them. There is no need to implement a local solution that requires both hardware and local resources to support. It also enables the leadership to manage the business more effectively from the headquarters or from whichever location they are at.

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Hartmut Hamann, Sales Director, Oracle NetSuite, Germany (Image credit linkedin)
Hartmut Hamann, Sales Director, Oracle NetSuite, Germany

Winning a competitive tender is always a good result.  Winning one in Germany against SAP doubly so. In doing so, NetSuite has proven that it is a solid choice for German organisations looking to grow. MYCS is not the only European furniture company that has done so.

Framery OY, a Finnish manufacturer of sound proof booths has also supported its rapid global expansion with NetSuite. That growth is likely to continue. It raised €10 million in June 2018 in a series B funding round led by Beringea (Source: Crunchbase). Its expansion plans include Italy, Scandanavia and the Netherlands, all locations supported by NetSuite.

Hartmut Hamann, Sales Director, Oracle NetSuite, Germany commented: “By building and scaling its business on one platform, MYCS has been able to reduce IT complexity, drive efficiencies across its business and ensure a smooth customer experience. We are pleased that MYCS continues to rely on NetSuite as it continues to grow and expand internationally.

What NetSuite need to do is produce more customer stories, wins and implementations from more recent customers rather than those that selected the solution years ago.

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