NGA HR has announced a fixed cost, rapidly implemented payroll solution for enterprises. Called NGA FastTrack HR & Payroll it is based on SAP Employee Central Payroll. NGA HR has preconfigured and tested the solution and believes that it can implement it in 12 weeks.

System integrators and vendors are constantly looking to reduce the deployment times of solutions and payroll is no different. The new methodology is 50% faster than previous deployments and according to NGA uses 30% less resources. It is unclear whether those are NGA HR or client resources though.

Customers are able to customise the solution for their specific payroll requirements. However, this will extend the timescales for the project. NGA HR states that the delivery of this enterprise class Payroll solution is aimed “at a mid-market price-point.” However, it does not state what that is.

Who is NGA HR looking to supply this solution to? Simon Porter, Vice President, Digital HR at NGA Human Resources commented: “The organizations that will benefit from NGA FastTrack for HR & Payroll are multi-country organizations that have, to date, been prevented by high entry price points and the very specific skills needed in-house to deliver, support and maintain such a solution.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

NGA FastTrack HR & Payroll is a clever pitch by NGA HR. It supplements its standard consultancy offering around SAP SuccessFactors HR and Payroll delivery. For some organisations it will allow them to implement a leading payroll solution for a lot less than normal. This frees up resources for future investment having purchased the solution. It also delivers NGA HR a competitive advantage in the SI market in this field.

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