Zeno Rocha talks about developer advocacyEnterprise Times sat down with Zeno Rocha, Liferay to talk about software development. Rocha describes himself as a developer advocate rather than an evangelist. He sees the role as being about inspiring other developers to use specific technologies and tools. While many see this as being the role of the developer evangelist, Rocha points out that the industry has been looking to change this for a while. One reason for the change is the historical understanding of what an evangelist is.

The primary focus of the role is to support the developer. Rocha sees this as being more than just promoting developers. It encompasses the development of training materials, running hackathons and building tools for developers. It is also about helping developers share things with the community. Open Source is more complicated than just pushing code to a shared repository.

Zeno Rocha, Chief Product Officer, Liferay Cloud
Zeno Rocha, Chief Product Officer, Liferay Cloud

One area that is important is the filtering of comments from the wider community back to developers. Rocha talks about his own experience of being bullied by comments from a well known community member. He is keen to address this and ensure that bullying stops. This is about helping people develop both themselves and build a career out of software development. This is especially important in open source and Rocha talks about the challenge this brings.

To hear what else Rocha had to say, listen to the podcast.

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